The upcoming Netflix shows affected by the writer/actor strikes
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The upcoming Netflix shows affected by the writer/actor strikes

Some of Netflix‘s biggest upcoming releases are facing significant delays due to strikes by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), commencing in May and July 2023. With no new agreements reached, production on several titles has halted indefinitely. Let’s take a look at the biggest ones facing delays.

Writers for the fifth season of Big Mouth reportedly made substantial progress until the strikes put operations at a standstill. If strike action persists until August, writing would resume only in early September, pushing back the season release potentially into early 2025.

Cobra Kai‘s sixth season was already in production when it encountered the “pencils down” situation. It had been previously reported that its third and fourth seasons would be filmed simultaneously. However, filming for the sixth season has been postponed.

Another major setback for Netflix is with The Night Agent‘s second season. The new show quickly earned a second season on the platform, but its filming schedule for August is now indefinitely delayed as scripts haven’t been submitted, and filming cannot proceed without actors due to the strike.

Neil Gaiman, executive producer of Netflix’s adaptation of his graphic novel of the same name, has been a staunch supporter of the WGA strike. He revealed that Sandman’s second season was at a stage where sets were built, and a shooting schedule was in place. However, any delay in the series would depend on the strike’s length and confirmed his refusal to allow non-Union writers for necessary rewrites.

Stranger Things‘ fifth and final season was due to start filming this summer. The creators have since confirmed that filming would only begin upon resolution of the WGA dispute, and the subsequent SAG strike will only stretch things out further.

That 90s Show‘s second season was among the first to have its filming cancelled. Initially due to commence in late May 2023, the sitcom requires writers on set due to its live audience format. Hence, the WGA strike led to all filming dates being scrapped.