Decoding the full ‘Bridgerton’ season three, part one trailer
(Credit: Netflix)


Decoding the full ‘Bridgerton’ season three, part one trailer

The dearest gentle Bridgerton fans have been treated to a full trailer for the third season. But of course, this trailer covers just the beginning. Once the first part of the season is done airing, we can expect a separate trailer for part two. After all, following the trend with the most recent shows released post-SAGAFTRA and WGA strikes, the third season of Bridgerton will also arrive on Netflix in two parts.

As the trailer begins, we see that a new season has already started at the Ton as well. The marriage market is officially open. The brutal politics of the tender hearts club is raging on with full gusto. Penelope Featherington and Eloise Bridgerton have fallen apart after the stunning revelation of Lady Whistledown’s true identity. This has pushed the rebellious young Bridgerton into the arms of her new bestie, Cressida Cowper. The very same Cressida, who had made her debut into society along with Daphne in season one, had once threatened to out Daphne and Simon’s twilight twists and ruin their reputations. 

Rumour has it that Cressida is trying to be more likeable in this new leg of her journey. She has also been the only one kind enough to befriend a socially shunned Eloise. But is that a ruse for something more sinister on Cressida’s part? After all, the Cowpers have been in direct competition with the Bridgertons on multiple occasions.

With Phillipa married and Prudence also courting, Penelope—who has also lost her best friend—realises she needs to leave her home. Given that the sexism of the Regency era is still intact in this anachronistic retelling of the times, Penelope knows she needs to get married soon.

Sparks fly between Lord Debling and Penelope, which impresses ‘tiger mom’ Portia but has alarm bells ringing in Colin’s head and heart finally. Colin—who has brand-new sideburns and is surprisingly buff this season, as his brothers observe—talks to Violet and tries to navigate his feelings for his dear “friend” Penelope. However, before their union can happen, fans want to see Colin grovel and suffer a bit because of how he treated Penelope towards the end of season two.

We also see Francesca struggling with the pressures of being the belle of the season. Keen viewers have also spotted Francesca dancing with someone who could be her first husband, John Stirling. In the books, Francesca and John marry and lead a blissful few years together before tragedy strikes. 

The trailer also reveals that Anthony and Kate are living up to their honeymoon period to the joy of every elder sibling out there who had to grow up too fast. It is yet to be seen how much the season furthers Benedict’s arc. Eager fans want next season to be his, if not Eloise’s.

Bridgerton season three arrives on Netflix this summer. Part one is slated to hit on May 16th, followed by the second part on June 13th. You can check out the Bridgerton season three, part one official trailer here: