Watch this dangerous erotic thriller that is soaring Netflix charts
(Credit: Netflix)


Watch this dangerous erotic thriller that is soaring Netflix charts

According to data reports, Netflix viewers enjoy the confluence of psychological thrillers with titillating erotica. Thus, the 2015 erotic thriller The Boy Next Door is now soaring the Netflix charts, becoming the most-watched film in certain regions. 

Directed by Rob Cohen, the film has been rated poorly, with a flimsy 12% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, Netflix users seem to have taken a sudden liking to the film that provides hours of mindless entertainment, suspense, seduction and violence.

Starring Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Guzman and John Corbett in prominent roles, the film revolves around the repercussions of a dangerous liaison between a teacher and her high school student. 

After she catches her husband cheating, a heartbroken Claire ends up having a steamy one-night stand with her 19-year-old neighbour, who later turns out to be her student. Disturbed by this relationship’s personal and professional implications, Claire ends the affair, much to the chagrin of Noah, who is ready to go to any lengths to woo her back. 

Soon, this mindless dalliance sparks fear in Claire’s heart as Noah’s unhealthy obsession threatens to disrupt her life and tear down her loved ones as well.    

Lopez had received a Razzie nomination for the Worst Actress Award with her performance in the film. Although the actress had high hopes for the film, having cast a fellow Latino actor in the film, it tanked at the box office. 

Guzman even opened up about how awkward it was for them to film the sex scene that had to be choreographed completely, calling it the “most unsexy-really-sexy scene that you’ll see on screen.”

Despite being critically panned, the film became a weekend success on Netflix, reaching the most-watched list and even topping the charts in some countries.

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