‘Cowboy Bepop’ anime to stream on Netflix
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‘Cowboy Bepop’ anime to stream on Netflix

With the Sunrise anime series, Cowboy Bebop set to premiere on Netflix this autumn in an exciting live-action incarnation, the streaming service has also announced that they now have acquired the original source material. 

The original anime series first aired back in 1998, and it proved to be a triumph of the genre, amassing a huge following of fans. 

The official logline for the new series reads as: “Based on the worldwide phenomenon from Sunrise Inc., Cowboy Bebop is the jazz-inspired, genre-bending story of Spike Spiegel, Jet Black, Faye Valentine and Radical Ed: a rag-tag crew of bounty hunters on the run from their pasts as they hunt down the solar systems mist dangerous criminals. They’ll even save the world… for the right price.”

John Cho will star as Spike, while Daniella Pineda and Mustafa Shakir will take on the roles of Faye and Jet respectively. Non-binary actor Mason Alexander Park will also be joining the cast in the role of Gren who is depicted as genderfluid in the original series. The series will be available to stream this autumn and will run for ten episodes.

Now, joining the live-action is all 26 episodes of original anime series directed by the iconic Shinichirō Watanabe. It is the first time that the beloved classic will grace the streaming service and surely serves up the perfect starter before the main course of the live-action special.

You can check out the title sequence for the live-action spin-off below.