Cole Sprouse on his favourite ‘Riverdale’ scene
(Credit: Netflix)


Cole Sprouse on his favourite 'Riverdale' scene

If you are from the early 2000s or late 90s there is no way you did not grow up loving the goofy old Cody Martin from our favourite Disney Channel series called ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’. Cole Sprouse is an American actor who has been dwelling in the world of contemporary photography. You also know him from the sensational series of ‘Riverdale’. He plays a character, Forsythe Pendleton “Jughead” Jones III. He is one of the most liked characters from the Archie comics and needless to say his live-action version gives us everything you want from the main character. 

For this teen drama series, Cole Sprouse plays the role of a more engaging, philosophical, and intellectually inclined young adult who happens to be best friends with Archie Andrews (KJ Apa). Or should we call them ex-BFFs? We all know that ‘Riverdale’ was a massive hit as soon as it was released on the CW network.

Not only for the plot, or the highly-stylized aesthetically driven colour tones but also for the group of the young and talented cast that immediately pulled us into this new world of drama. If you are somehow still alien to this show, catch up with the hype for the new volume and crazy plot development and special cameos by checking out the trailer for it here! Welcome to the universe of “Riverdale” if you have not already!  

When the show first came out in the year 2017, several interviews followed to try and deliver more insights into the worlds of our favourite on-screen actors. Among the innumerable interviews, we came across a specific one with TV Promos where Cole was asked about his favourite “Riverdale”. He picks one from the first season, episode 3 called “Body Double”.

In this episode, Jughead, with his partner Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) was further investigating Jason’s death which led Cheryl to be under a cloud of suspicion. While continuing the investigation, Jughead had to interview a member of the boy scout. Sprouse claims he believed that this scene was a very “stylistic” one and “very character driven”.

Almost like foreshadowing Jughead’s forthcoming role in the series- being the curious one! He added that the scene fascinated him and he hoped the show could linger further in the same stylistic direction. Not only did Sprouse help a lot in shaping the general tone of the long-running series, but his love for photography is also reflected within the storyline. Missed out on this mini-interview? Check it out here!