Catherine Tate “understands” why Netflix cancelled sitcom
(Credit: Netflix)

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Catherine Tate "understands" why Netflix cancelled sitcom

British actor Catherine Tate has addressed Netflix‘s decision to axe her sitcom, Hard Cell!, after only one season, expressing particular dissatisfaction with the way in which she found out about the cancellation.

The sitcom, which Tate wrote, directed and starred in, is set in a women’s prison. It had its debut on Netflix last year but was ultimately short-lived. In a particular kick in the teeth for Tate, news of its termination was delivered not by Netflix but via another actor’s agent.

During her conversation on BBC Breakfast, Tate explained the circumstances surrounding the show’s cancellation: “They had a change of staff and as happens when someone who has commissioned the show and then leaves, often they want to start afresh.” 

Despite admitting that she “kind of” understood the decision, Tate expressed her disappointment with the lack of direct communication, stating, “It would’ve been nice for them to have told me”.

When Hard Cell! was first announced, Kristian Smith, the executive producer, shared his excitement in a statement obtained by Deadline: “We cannot wait to show audiences on Netflix the inside of HMP Woldsley, our fictional prison occupied by the fantastic creations of Catherine Tate.” 

He praised the show for being “funny and touching all at once”, offering a unique glimpse into life in a British women’s correctional facility. Hard Cell! had Tate playing six different characters, ranging from prison inmates to staff at the correctional facility. 

While fans of the sitcom may be disappointed with its cancellation, they can look forward to Tate’s much-anticipated return as the iconic Donna Noble in Doctor Who later this year and her ongoing appearance in the BBC sitcom Queen Of Oz.