Bumble teams up with Netflix for new in-app quiz
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Bumble teams up with Netflix for new in-app quiz

Netflix will be teaming up with Bumble to launch a weekly in-app question game called Netflix Nights In. The game asks users a series of questions about popular Netflix shows, allowing prospective matches to go head-to-head.

Taste is important. In a recent Bumble Survey, 78% of users said they found it easier to talk to matches who watch the same TV and movies as them, while 72% said they’ve talked about their favourite shows and films on a date in the past.

This is how it works: every Monday, a set of new questions about a particular show like Squid Game, Emily In Paris, or Stranger Things will be asked. The right answer is only revealed when the user and their match have picked their response.

Each round will also feature a star from that week’s show, meaning you might have Ashley Park asking you questions about Emily In Paris or Alexa Lemiuex pressing you for an answer to a question about Love Is Blind.

In a recent statement, Magno Herran, vice president of Marketing Partnerships at Netflix, wrote: “When we’re getting to know someone, it’s human nature to try and find common interests. It gives you something to bond over and go beyond surface-level conversation.”

He continued: “We love seeing people connect over Netflix shows and films and create their own communities around them. And with this partnership, we wanted to give people a way to find someone who gets them based on what they watch while leaning into ‘if you know you know’ Netflix references that have helped to spark many conversations.”

The all-new Netflix Nights In will launch on January 30th, 2023 and is set to run until March 13th, meaning it will be available to use around Valentine’s Day. The game is available to users in the US, Canada and the UK.