Emmanuel Macron’s wife is a fan of ‘Emily in Paris’ according to Lily Collins
(Credit: Netflix)


Emmanuel Macron's wife is a fan of 'Emily in Paris' according to Lily Collins

Ahead of the premiere of the third season of Emily in Paris on Netflix, Lily Collins has shared an exciting piece of information about a high-profile fan of the show. Collins had been promoting the show’s new season on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and opened up about her new fans.

When Colbert asked Collins if she had met French President Emmanuel Macron, Collins admitted that she hadn’t, but she had met his wife Brigitte, who is a big fan of Emily in Paris. “I have met his lovely wife,” Collins said. “She’s actually a really big fan of the show.”

Collins then went on to explain that she had been met with a pleasant surprise when looking for a shooting location on Google Maps in Paris. The location showed ‘Emily Cooper’s Apartment’, evidently the abode in which Collins’ character lives in the show.

She said, “‘This is crazy. I was trying to send my friend a location of where we were shooting that day, and I zoomed in, and I said ‘wait, it says, ‘Emily Cooper’s Apartment’ on Google Maps? That’s weird.’ And also very cool. I was like, thanks, Google.”

According to Collins, she gets to spend around five months filming in the French capital for each season. “It’s a lovely gig,” she said. “I actually now have a residency card. Yeah, I have, like, a two-year residency card. Which I just never thought I’d get to say that. We’re so grateful to be able to shoot there. Paris has really enveloped us and welcomed us.”

The actor has also recently been featured on the cover of French Vogue, which has contributed to her feeling that she has been accepted by the city. “That was a real shock when I got that cover,” Collins said. “I’m not going to lie. I was like, ‘What!’ I was so honoured to be on the cover of French Vogue.”