‘Breaking Bad’ stars to appear in ‘Better Call Saul’ final season
(Credit: HBO)

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‘Breaking Bad’ stars to appear in ‘Better Call Saul’ final season

While Breaking Bad has been a phenomenon in its own right, Better Call Saul, though overshadowed, has managed to become a cult spin-off owing to Bob Odenkirk’s indelible performance and the interesting narrative structures. While the fifth season began streaming on Netflix on April 4th, 2022, the sixth season is scheduled for an April 19th, 2022 premiere. 

Now, the series co-creator and writer Peter Gould has confirmed the return of iconic Breaking Bad actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in surprise cameos in the final season. 

At the Better Call Saul panel at Paley Fest LA, Gould confirmed the return of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. He said, “I don’t want to spoil things for the audience, but I will say the first question we had when we started the show was, ‘Are we gonna see Walt and Jesse on the show?’ Instead of evading, I’ll just say yeah.”

However, he refused to reveal any further details or the “circumstances”. He further teased fans by saying, “I have to say that’s one of the many things that I think you’ll discover this season.”

Odenkirk, who stars as Jimmy McGill, the calculative and smart-talking man with a fast mouth who later turns into drug kingpin Walter White’s lawyer-for-hire Saul Goodman, went on to reveal more details before Gould dissuaded him from doing so. 

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan has said, “These two worlds cross over in a way that you haven’t seen before, that’s for sure,” heightening fan anticipation. 

With Breaking Bad coming to an end after five seasons and prevailing as arguably one of the best television shows ever made, the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul will premiere on Netflix on April 19th, 2022.