Beyonce cameo in Kanye West documentary delights fans
(Credit: Netflix)

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Beyonce cameo in Kanye West documentary delights fans

Netflix acquired the latest documentary, jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy for a staggering $30 million and began streaming the three parts in weekly instalments. Revolving around the life of the iconic rapper Kanye ‘Ye’ West, the doc traces his career trajectory, containing 20 years of footage. 

Created by Coodie and Chike, in their third collaboration with West, the documentary features archival footage and other domestic videos besides interviews to show the life and persona of the rapper and trace his career trajectory: from producer to icon.

It also features a number of influential names from the industry, including Jay-Z. The first episode ends with a 2002 Jay-Z concert in Chicago. This was a defining moment in West’s career as a rapper as he received the coveted Roc-A-Fella chain and became a part of Jay-Z’s record label of the same name. 

This helped cement Kanye’s position in the rap royalty. Filmed by Coodie, as the camera pans over the other present, fans have spotted a young Beyonce making a cameo, leaving them delighted and happy. 

With braids synonymous to her Destiny’s Child era, a young Beyonce is seen chatting with friends before momentarily locking eyes with the camera. 

Jay-Z and Beyonce, who are married and have children now, were rumoured to be close together. Meanwhile, the third part of the documentary is yet to be released. 

West found himself sparring with the directors previously, forcing them to let him have creative control in the editing process. However, to make the experience more authentic, Coodie and Chike refused to budge. 

Kanye’s documentary is the latest addition to Netflix’s burgeoning music documentary collection

Take a look at the brief Beyonce cameo below: