Kanye West wants final say on Netflix doc ‘Jeen-Yuhs’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Kanye West wants final say on Netflix doc 'Jeen-Yuhs'

Kanye West has reportedly asked for “final edit and approval” on the upcoming Netflix documentary, Jeen-Yuhs.

The streaming platform previously announced they had acquired the rights to Jeen-Yuhs back in September, and the three-part documentary features archival footage of the rapper from his early days right up until now.

The debut episode will drop on the platform on February 16th, and the rest of the series will arrive as weekly instalments. However, Ye has now pleaded with the service to allow him to edit it before it is fit for public consumption.

Posting on Instagram, he told fans: “I’m going to say this kindly for the last time. I must get [the] final edit and approval on this doc before it releases on Netflix. Open the edit room immediately so I can be in charge of my own image. Thank you in advance.”

The streamer previously said it showcases “both his formative days trying to break through and his life today as a global brand and artist”. Additionally, in a promotional clip, the filmmakers behind the project, Clarence ‘Coodie’ Simmons and Chike Ozah, discussed the process of making the film.

“He would come with beats,” Simmons said. “I remember he had the one beat that JAY-Z picked later on in life called H to Izz-O [‘Izzo (H.O.V.A.)’]. Yo, this was so ill. Here was this kid with braces … talented. This dude wasn’t scared of nothing.”

Meanwhile, Ozah calls the film a “whole history lesson of music”. He continues, “We’re crossing generations in three films. At the end, Kanye is collaborating with artists that were babies. But the crazy part is that Kanye’s a throughline; still as relevant at the end as he is in the beginning because his music passes the test of time.”