Netflix’s ‘Better Call Saul’ star Bob Odenkirk shares health update
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix’s 'Better Call Saul' star Bob Odenkirk shares health update

Bob Odenkirk had collapsed on July 27, 2021, in New Mexico while filming the sixth season of Netflix’s Better Call Saul and was immediately rushed to the hospital

However, nearly two weeks later, the iconic comedic actor has dished out information regarding his present condition. The star took to his official Twitter account to update the same. 

The 58-year-old star said: “I am doing great. I’ve had my very own ‘It’s a wonderful life’ week of people insisting I make the world slightly better!” 

The actor further added on a light-hearted note, “Wow! Thank you, I love everyone right now but let’s keep expectations reasonable!”

Following the news of his collapse, fans were sent into a state of worry and frenzy as they all expressed their concerns regarding his health. His son, Nate Odenkirk, had however taken to Twitter to reassure fans, saying, “He’s going to be okay”. 

The actor has also expressed love and gratitude for the innumerable warm wishes, support and “outpouring of love from everyone who expressed concern and care” for his health and thanked his “family and friends” who stood by him that week. 

The Nobody star wrote, “It’s overwhelming. But I feel the love and it means so much”. 

He revealed that he had suffered from a “small heart attack” but assured his followers that he was soon going to recover completely “thanks to Rose Estrada and the doctors who knew how to fix the blockage without surgery”. He further expressed his heartfelt thanks to AMC and SONY for their “support and help throughout”. 

He informed that the week-long ordeal was “next level” and he would require “a beat to recover” but would definitely be back soon. From David Cross tweeting about how Odenkirk would definitely get through it owing to his immense strength “both physically and spiritually” to his co-star on Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston urging fans to “take a moment” and “send positive thoughts and prayers” to him, Odenkirk received immeasurable support from his peers in the industry.