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Bob Odenkirk rushed to hospital after collapsing on ‘Better Call Saul’ set

The legendary comedic actor Bob Odenkirk has reportedly been rushed to hospital after collapsing on set during the filming of Better Call Saul

According to TMZ, the 58-year-old actor collapsed while filming in New Mexico and an ambulance was immediately called at around 11:30am on Tuesday. 

As of yet, very little is known about the actor’s present condition. It is believed that he is still currently hospitalised, but the cause of the collapse is unclear. 

The former Breaking Bad star was filming the sixth season of Better Call Saul at the time, with the latest 13-episode instalment of the series expected in early 2022.

Representatives from AMC, the channel that broadcasts the series, have not yet made any public comments on the news. 

Recently, the actor has also starred in the action movie Nobody, in which he becomes the target of avenging drug lords after he witnesses a harassment. It is believed that he exercised extensively for the role. 

More updates are expected on the story soon as fans hope for promising updates regarding the acclaimed and beloved actor’s condition.