Becky G shares new version of ‘Bella Ciao’ for ‘Money Heist’
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Becky G shares new version of 'Bella Ciao' for 'Money Heist'

Netflix will release the final volume of the fifth season of Money Heist today, on December 3, 2021, marking the end of the greatest heist in history. To pay tribute to the popular show, Becky G has released a new version of the official song ‘Bella Ciao’. 

‘Bella Ciao’ is a folk protest song from 119th century Italy. It gained immense popularity after Professor and Berlin sang to each other in the first part of the Spanish series, also called La Casa de Papel. 

Created by Alex Pina, the showrunners said that they included the song to weave in the common theme of “resistance” which was also the central motive of the Professor’s elaborate plan. 

Ahead of the release of the final volume, Becky G released an extended version of the track which retains the original reggaeton beat and is an upbeat brand new remix version that hypes our anticipation for the season. 

Becky G is clad in the quintessential red overalls, dons the Salvador Dali mask and sings in Italian and English while grooving effortlessly with various other dancers.

The singer is a huge fan of the show and depressed her excitement at the prospect of recording the “iconic song” which was a very enjoyable process for her, according to the singer. 

“‘Bella Ciao’ is an iconic song and marks an important moment in the series, so being asked to reimagine it and be a part of the Casa de Papel world is truly an honour,” she said.  

Netflix has already announced a spin-off series, titled Berlin: A New Series, focusing on Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso, that will be released in 2023.