‘Atypical’ creator deconstructs the emotional season finale
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‘Atypical’ creator deconstructs the emotional season finale

Atypical, one of Netflix’s most successful original series has reached its finale, with the creator of the series explaining the reasons behind the protagonist, Sam’s final moments in the last episode. 

At the end of the final episode of the fourth series, we find Sam fulfilling his lifelong dream, travelling to Antarctica to experience his favourite animals, penguins, in their natural home. Though, he is not alone on his journey, as his Dad (Doug), who finds it hard to connect to Sam at the beginning of the show, joins his son on his trip, both experiencing his son’s passion together. 

Originally intended to occur at the season finale of season two, show creator Robia Rashid explained: “We saved it…so we knew all along that that was going to be the ending. We didn’t plan on having Doug going with him, but that ends up feeling really full circle in terms of where Doug and Sam started out”. 

Continuing, Rashid notes, “They started out feeling not very connected and like they had nothing in common”, adding that “you don’t feel like they’re going [to Antartica] together out of any sort of fear. [Doug]’s not going to watch out for Sam. He’s going because he wants to hang out with his kid, and he’s curious”.

Happy with the conclusion of season four, Rashid described the final scene as “really powerful”, before adding: “It’s so cool to see somebody on the spectrum doing this massive thing and it’s so ambitious, not just for someone on the spectrum, but anyone”.

Announcing in February 2020 that Atypical would end after its fourth season, gave showrunner and creator Robia Rashid plenty of time to properly plan out a farewell for Sam, Elsa, Zahid, Casey (Brigette Lundy-Paine). “I did feel like we got to a good place with everybody,” Rashid stated in a recent interview, elaborating in saying, “I felt like everybody’s ending was satisfying”.