Anna Sorokin to receive her own series after  ‘Inventing Anna’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Anna Sorokin to receive her own series after ‘Inventing Anna’

After Shonda Rhimes’s production, Inventing Anna became a major phenomenon on Netflix ever since its release last week, the subject, Anna Sorokin is set to receive her own docuseries at Bunim/Murray Productions. 

Posing as a fake German heiress and adopting the alias of Anna Delvey, Sorokin had managed to successfully scam the New York elite and conned them of hundreds and thousands of dollars. 

Intrigued by Jessica Pressler’s article for New York Magazine, titled “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People”, Rhimes created the show, from the viewpoint of a journalist, based loosely on Pressler who investigates the case of Anna in-depth. With Anna Chlumsky playing the role of the journalist, Julia Garner did a phenomenal job of portraying the cold, calculative, bratty and rude SoHo scammer with a ridiculous accent. 

The real-life Sorokin, who had earlier refused to watch the show as it was being told from a different perspective and that was allegedly portraying her “fictionalised self”, is currently in detention for overstaying her visa. She was sentenced in 2019 for grand larceny charges and others, as shown in Inventing Anna, before being released in 2021 for good behaviour. 

The new series will reportedly take off from the end of Rhimes’ series and portray the current events of her life, detailing her frustrations, insecurities, uncertainties and other fast-paced events, giving the “audiences an insight into what makes Sorokin tick, and where she plans to take her recently cemented infamy.”

Previously, Sorokin had expressed her desire to start afresh and bury the deeds of her past. 

However, the Director of Development, Michael Driscoll, at the production company, has revealed how the series has been in development “for months now” with them being in constant touch with Sorkin via “phone and video calls”. 

He said, “She is a complicated and fascinating character, and we are looking forward to telling the next chapter of her ever-evolving tale.”

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