Netflix releases first-look photos of ‘Inventing Anna’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix releases first-look photos of 'Inventing Anna'

Shonda Rhimes will continue to reign supreme on Netflix it seems, replacing her Regency-era gallant bravado with the story of a glamorous trickster whose social popularity got her to climb the social ladder and scam people. Her upcoming film Inventing Anna dramatizes the real-life incident and Netflix has recently provided the first look at her persona. 

Based on a New York Magazine article by Jessica Pressler titled “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People”, the film shall follow the journey of Anna Sorokin, a smart and cunning 28-year-old, hailing from a relatively lower-middle-class family, who adopted the name Anna Delvey to scam her friends and New York socialites and businesses of money.

With her being known as the SoHo scammer, the film shall see a journalist set out with a mission to investigate Anna’s life. The series will be limited to 10 episodes and shall air soon.

Anna Delvey is probably the new face of the American Dream and the series shall explore the relationship the two women form- one of both love and hate. The film shall document her story in its entirety and it will be interesting to watch how Rhimes presents such a controversial yet fascinating story. 

With Julia Garner and Anna Chlumsky in the lead, it shall be an interesting watch as we try to decode who Anna really is. 

Anna Chlumsky will play the role of the journalist Vivan who is a fill-in for the original author, Pressler. Chlumsky was recently seen as Amy Brookheimer in Veep that won her six Emmy nominations. 

The cast will also include Katie Lowes, Laverne Cox, Arian Moayed, Alexis Floyd, Anders Holm, Jeff Perry, Jennifer Esposito, Talia Mallay, Terry Kinney and Anna Deavere Smith. 

Take a look at the photos below: