Andrew Garfield will star in the new Lin-Manuel Miranda Netflix musical
(Credit: Gage Skidmore)

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Andrew Garfield will star in the new Lin-Manuel Miranda Netflix musical

Lin-Manuel Miranda is back with yet another musical after the unprecedented success of his Broadway production Hamilton which garnered widespread popularity and critical acclaim. Set for a Netflix release, Miranda’s new musical is called Tick, Tick… Boom! and is about a theatre composer who has to come to terms with the fact that his mediocre life and career aren’t going anywhere.

In an interview, the film’s star, Vanessa Hudgens, revealed that production had started before the pandemic but all plans were disrupted: “We started right before Covid. We were in rehearsals every day, dancing, singing, just being put through the whole musical theatre works – which we both love. We love it. We live for that. That’s like playtime.”

Adding, “It was challenging because of Covid. It was the first production we had done since the lockdown. Rules were very restrictive for cast and crew, for everyone involved, but it kind of made everyone have to go the extra mile in order to be there. But Lin being the shining light that he is brought such an energy of joy and playfulness and just excitement, because he loves Jonathan Larson and he loves Tick, Tick Boom! 

“He’s been dreaming about this as long as he can remember. So the fact that he got to do it, that radiates. That’s a whole other energy. And for us to be there with him – we all have our own connections I think with Jonathan Larson, and it just felt like there were moments of magic, and he’s a big reason why that was.”

Set in New York during the ’90s, Andrew Garfield will star as the failed theatre composer who realises that he has achieved nothing as he gets closer to his 30th birthday. The film will premiere at the AFI Film Festival in November this year before an eventual Netflix release.

Watch the brand new trailer for Tick, Tick… Boom! below.