Everything we know about Netflix’s ‘Diana: The Musical’
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Everything we know about Netflix's 'Diana: The Musical'

Diana: The Musical was a highly anticipated Broadway musical whose debut got further delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The musical will now reportedly stream on Netflix ahead of its debut this October 1st, 2021, documenting the illustrious life of Princess Diana. 

Jeanna de Waal, who portrays Diana in the musical, revealed how they wanted to “celebrate” Diana for her wonderful ability to make “everyone feel special, from the highest person to the lowest-ranking person”. She will be joined by a competent cast. The trailer abounds in colour, regality, grandeur and melody and will most likely live up to audience expectations. 

Talking about their Netflix debut, the producers expressed their gratitude at being able to “share both the film and the broadway musical with the world”. 

They added, “The chance to share our show, first with Netflix’s global audience, and then welcoming a live audience back on Broadway, is something we’ve all been dreaming about for more than a year”.

Ahead of its premiere on Netflix, here is everything we know about Diana: The Musical:

Everything we know about Netflix’s Diana: The Musical

When will Diana: The Musical premiere on Netflix? 

Although it was initially set to grace Broadway, the coronavirus pandemic hindered the production of the musical. Ahead of its Broadway release, the film will premiere on Netflix on October 1st, 2021, and recently released the trailer for the same. 

What will Diana: The Musical be about? 

The first-ever musical on the luminous life of one of the greatest 20th-century icons, Princess Diana, who was adored all over the world for her kindness and philanthropy, the musical has already gained a lot of attention. From the flurry of images in the trailer, she is seen singing her heart out, talking about achieving one’s dreams and flying high.

It records various events within the royal court, including her marriage with Prince Charles, their childbirth, rocky marriage and more. 

With all the original songs showing her transition from a young and naive teen to a beautiful bride and then the people’s Princess, the musical will also shed light on the scandalous affair her husband indulged in. An event that tore apart their marriage and subsequently led to her tragic death. 

Who are the cast members of Diana: The Musical?

The cast and crew for the musical film are exceptionally brilliant and comprises a team with plenty of Tony and Olivier Award recipients. 

The cast members are: 

  • Jeanna de Waal as Diana, the Princess of Wales 
  • Roe Hartrampf as Prince Charles 
  • Judy Kaye as Queen Elizabeth 
  • Erin Davis as Camilla Parker Bowles

Jeanna de Waal, who is no stranger to musicals, having played her part in Carrie and Kinky Boots, expressed how overwhelmed she was to have this “huge privilege” to be able to bring to life such an enigmatic personality. 

“To bring Diana to life onstage is obviously a huge privilege,” said Jeanna as she gushed over this brilliant opportunity to Marie Claire. She further revealed that although she felt “very daunted by the prospect”, she hoped to leave an imprint in people’s minds as they witnessed her performance and, in turn, learn more about the Princess and “what she did for the world”.

Who are the crew members on Diana: The Musical?

The musical has been helmed by the Tony Award-winning director Christopher Ashley at Longacre theatre without an audience.

The lyrics were written by Tony Award-winning lyricist Joe DiPietro while Tony Award winner David Bryan has written the music and co-written the lyrics.

Olivier Award recipient Kelly Devine has choreographed the musical while the entire arrangements for the musical have been overseen by another Olivier Award winner, Ian Eisendrath. 

What are the songs that will feature on Diana: The Musical?

On September 24, 2021, ahead of its October release, viewers will get a glimpse into the track recordings via Diana: The Musical Original Cast Recording. 

Check out the full tracklist comprising the 24 songs below: 


  • 1. Prologue
  • 2. Underestimated
  • 3. The Worst Job In England
  • 4. This Is How Your People Dance
  • 5. Snap, Click
  • 6. Whatever Love Means Anyway
  • 7. I Will
  • 8. The World Fell In Love
  • 9. Happiness/Simply Breathe
  • 10. She Moves in The Most Modern Ways
  • 11. Diana (The Rage)
  • 12. As I Love You
  • 13. I Miss You Most on Sundays
  • 14. Pretty, Pretty Girl


  • 15. Here Comes James Hewitt
  • 16. Him and Her (And Him And Her)/Just Dance
  • 17. Secrets and Lies
  • 18. The Main Event
  • 19. Whatever Love Means Anyway (Reprise)
  • 20. Pretty, Pretty Girl (Reprise)
  • 21. The Words Came Pouring Out
  • 22. The Dress
  • 23. An Officer’s Wife
  • 24. If (Light the World)

Watch the trailer for the musical below: