Ambika Mod on playing Emma Morley in ‘One Day’: “I felt pressure”
(Credits: Netflix)


Ambika Mod on playing Emma Morley in 'One Day': "I felt pressure"

An adaptation of David Nichols’ best-selling novel One Day recently hit Netflix, inspired by the 2011 movie version directed by Lone Scherfig. 

The movie saw Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess take on the roles of Emma and Dexter, whose relationship – sometimes platonic, sometimes romantic – is followed over 20 years. 

However, for the series, these roles have been passed on to Ambika Mod and Leo Woodhall, whose portrayals of the characters have received positive reviews. 

The series spans 14 episodes and also features actors like Eleanor Tomlinson, Tim McInnery, Essie Davies, Ella-Rae Smith and Toby Stephens. 

In a recent article for Entertainment Weekly, Mod described how she initially felt “pressure” about getting Emma’s character right, but those worries faded when she re-read One Day.

She revealed, “I’d read the book when I was really young and I knew how beloved Emma was and how basically everyone who reads the book sees themselves in her.”

“She is, I think, the grounding character in so much of the novel. So yeah, I felt pressure. It also took me a while to see myself in the role because I didn’t foresee me ever being able to play a character like this. She’s written as white, she was played by the beautiful Anne Hathaway. I just didn’t see it matching up.”

When Mod re-read the book, she realised how much she has “in common” with Emma, adding, “she’s so British, and she’s so funny, and she’s so dry. I just fell in love with her all over again.” 

Watch the trailer below.