‘After Life’ season 3 viewers have a hilarious request for Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)


‘After Life’ season 3 viewers have a hilarious request for Netflix

Arguably the comedian’s finest work, Ricky Gervais made the third season of After Life tear-jerkingly beautiful. It was the perfect way to end this emotional and existential journey

Filled with the comedian’s zany humour and dry, borderline offensive jokes, the show was a phenomenal portrait of the moving catharsis Gervais’ character, Tony Johnson undergoes while battling with grief, depression and addiction. 

Starring Gervais, Penelope Wilton, Kerry Godliman, David Bradley, Ashley Jensen, Diane Morgan and others, the show released its third and final season on January 14th, 2022, and has received an overwhelmingly warm reception ever since. 

However, Netflix viewers have been sending a hilariously outrageous request to the streaming service following one of the scenes on the show that has prompted the streamer to step in. 

In one of the episodes, Colin Hoult’s Ken Otley, who helms the local amateur dramatics company, makes a ridiculous claim. When he is touted as an “amateur”, the haughty and proud Ken says that he is a “professional actor and director”.  

When asked about his experience, he promptly talks about how he has been in “Taxi Driver: The Musical”. 

Not only does Ken not stop there but also bursts into singing a song from the fictional stage adaptation of acclaimed auteur, Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece, starring Robert DeNiro. He uses DeNiro’s famous line “Are you talking to me?” to make up a fictional song that is downright hilarious.

The lyrics are bizarre and outlandish and say, “Bang bang – I’m a taxi driver! I drive through the night picking up who I like. Bang bang – I’m a taxi driver! If you’re dealing crack then you’ll get one in the back from me.”

After this scene, Netflix has been receiving innumerable fan requests for the same. Fans want to see the fictional musical come to life. 

While Gervais loved the development, Netflix was forced to tweet: “Please stop asking when Taxi Driver: The Musical is coming to Netflix.”

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