Ricky Gervais keen for more ‘After Life’: “It is tempting”
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Ricky Gervais keen for more ‘After Life’: “It is tempting”

Ricky Gervais has received truckloads of love, warmth and praises for the final season of his acclaimed Netflix comedy series After Life. The comedian, however, has not ruled out the possibilities of coming back for another season. 

Written and directed by The Office star, the show sees Gervais as Tony, a grief-stricken, cynical widower, who is mourning the loss of his beloved wife, Lisa to cancer. He is suicidal and constantly punishes the world by being mean and grumpy. 

However, over the course of three seasons, Tony undergoes a catharsis that is beautiful to experience. He goes from being mean-spirited to a man with a heart of gold who finds solace in his dog, Brandy and the friends around him.   

After Life is a brilliant take on grief, depression, mortality and loss. Starring Gervais, Penelope Wilton, Kerry Godliman, Diane Morgan, Ashley Jensen, David Bradley, Tony Way and others in lead roles, this existential tear-jerker is absolutely incredible. While Gervais was reportedly “gutted” to make the third season the last, he admitted that it was the best decision to make from a creative perspective. 

Talking about a probable third season, he said the offer “is tempting”. While he cannot guarantee this season being the last, he said, “It  makes no sense to end it, It makes absolutely no sense.”

Adding to that, Gervais, 60, explained, “It’s the most popular it’s ever been. You get paid more as the seasons go along. It makes no sense at all, other than I think it’s the right decision artistically.”

Whatever Gervais’ decision might be, the third season of After Life is indeed a masterpiece and a perfect way to end the series.

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