A list of all songs in ‘Stranger Things’ season 4

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A list of all songs in 'Stranger Things' season 4

Stranger Things dropped the first volume of its highly-anticipated fourth season on May 27th, 2022.

It has amassed a staggering viewership of 286 million hours with the first seven episodes of the season. Two feature-length episodes will make up the second season which is slated to premiere on Netflix on July 1st, 2022. 

Created by the Duffer brothers, the fourth season has a massive ensemble cast, namely  Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Noah Schnapp, Sadie Sink, Joe Keery, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Maya Hawke, Priah Ferguson, Robert Englund, Jamie Campbell Bower, Matthew Modine, Brett Gelman, Raphael Luce etc.

The fourth season is darker, gorier and scarier than ever. Set across three different locations, namely California, Kamchatka and Hawkins, the seasons see the cast battle their individual demons while Hawkins fights the terrifying and nightmare-inducing Vecna. 

Stranger Things has used timeless bangers from the 80s, bringing to the fore various hidden gems from the musically charged era. 

The showrunners and the rest of the team use a pretty brilliant variety of songs that complement the emotionally-charged narrative which picks on from the season three cliffhanger. With the claustrophobic atmospheric tension, the soundtrack is perfectly in sync. 

Interestingly, Max’s favourite song is Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ which saves her from the clutches of Vecna in a nightmarish scene when the demon nearly kills Max. She is seen hearing the song throughout the series while battling mental health issues. This has catapulted the song to the top spot on iTunes and Spotify. 

Here is the list of all songs used in Stranger Things season four: 

Episode 1

  • The Beach Boys- ‘California Dreamin’
  • Starpoint- ‘Object of My Desire’
  • Kate Bush- ‘Running Up That Hill’
  • The Cramps- ‘I was a Teenage Warewolf’
  • Mae Arnette- ‘Chica Mejanita’
  • Extreme- ‘Play With Me’
  • KISS- ‘Detroit Rock City’
  • The Red Army Choir- ‘The Red Army is The Strongest’
  • The Lloyd Langton Group- ‘Got Your Number’
  • The Cramps- ‘Fever’

Episode 2

  • Dead or Alive- ‘You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)’
  • Falco- ‘Rock Me Amadeus (The Gold Mix)’
  • Baltimora- ‘Tarzan Boy’
  • K-Tel Version- ‘Wipe Out’
  • Talking Heads- ‘Psycho Killer’
  • The National Bolshoi Orchestra- ‘Monologue de Ibn-Haki-Scene 5′
  • The Interior Castle- ‘Diamonds and Emeralds’
  • Donnell Pitman- ‘Burning Up’
  • Noma- ‘Tons of Wet – Surf Time’

Episode 3

  • Fergus MacRoy- ‘Guardian Angel’
  • Dorian Zero- ‘In Transit to Bermuda’

Episode 4

  • Musical Youth- ‘Pass the Dutchie’
  • Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong- ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’
  • Kate Bush- ‘Running Up That Hill’
  • The Red Army Choir- ‘March of the Defenders of Moscow’
  • Hipbone Slim- ‘Legless’
  • Al Kerby- ‘Hard Feelings’

Episode 5

  • Ricky Nelson- ‘Travelin’ Man’
  • Kate Bush- ‘Running Up That Hill’
  • Cecilia Bartoli- ‘Nina, o sia la Pazza per Amore’
  • Arthur B. Rubinstein- ‘David Searches’ (Wargames Soundtrack)
  • Arthur B. Rubinstein- ‘Time’s Up’ (Wargames Soundtrack)

Episode 6

  • Musical Youth- ‘Pass the Dutchie’
  • Erich Wolfgang Korngold- ‘Violin Concerto in D Major Op 35 III Finale: Allegro Assai Vivace’
  • Russian State Orchestra- ‘Cavatine et Rondo d’Antonida’
  • S U R V I V E- ‘Cutthroat’

Episode 7

  • Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong- ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’
  • Kate Bush- ‘Running Up That Hill’
  • Philip Glass- ‘Prophecies’
  • Philip Glass- ‘Akhnaten Act 1, Scene 3: The Window of Appearances’
  • Philip Glass- ‘Akhnaten, Act II, Scene 2, Akhnaten and Nefertiti’