5 Netflix shows for when you don’t know what to watch
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5 Netflix shows for when you don't know what to watch

Tired of watching Netflix’s Money Heist and rewatching The Office, Bojack Horseman? Are you looking for new hidden gems to take your mind off the violence in Squid Game? Worry not, we have got you covered! 

More often than not, we find ourselves doomscrolling through Netflix, trying to figure out what to watch. The modern problem of man seems to be selecting a good Netflix film or show instead of going back to their usuals. We agree, watching Joe Goldberg stalk his targets or Geralt of Rivia wielding his sword helps us strike up relevant conversations at parties and on dates. However, there are times when we find ourselves at a loss, asking: “What do I watch next?” 

To help you in your quest of uncovering some of the hidden gems on Netflix that demand your immediate attention now, we curated a list of our personal favourites. So grab your bowl of munchies and start watching! 

Here are the five Netflix shows for you when you don’t know what to watch: 

5 Netflix shows for when you don’t know what to watch

5. Anne with an E – Moira Walley-Beckett (2017)

Adapted from L.M. Montgomery’s classic novels, namely the Anne of Green Gables, the series features the beloved titular protagonist and her various escapades in the late 19th century as a young orphan girl who must learn to adapt to her new life. 

A much darker adaptation of the books, the series is a brilliant commentary on 19th-century society and highlights various socio-economic issues throughout, including bullying, gender inequality, racism, homosexuality, class conflict and isolation. With picturesque scenery and brilliant performances, it is indeed a delightful watch.    

4. The OA – Brit Marling, Zal Batmanglij (2016)

With plenty of sci-fi and supernatural elements infused into the two seasons of this mystery drama show, the viewers were visibly upset when Netflix cancelled the show after a successful two-season run with a nail-biting cliffhanger. Perfect for sci-fi aficionados, this series features brilliant performances and a gripping narrative that will push you towards the edge of your seat. 

The premise involves the suspicious and miraculous return of Prairie Johnson, played by creator Marling, who was previously blind. After being missing for nearly seven years, she is back with perfect vision and a bizarre claim of being an angel. 

3. Sense8 – Lana and Lilly Watchowski, J. Michael Straczynski (2015)

A group of eight strangers find themselves linked to each other, mentally. From diverse cultures and backgrounds, they find themselves being hunted by those who want to gain control over their minds for world domination and must struggle for survival. 

With just two seasons and a legacy-defining finale, this diverse sci-fi series has become quite the sensation. Heightening the conflict between empathy and logic, it delves deeper into issues related to gender, sexuality, politics and identity crisis. This fascinating Emmy and GLAAD-nominated show deserves your immediate attention now! 

2. The End of the F***ing World Charlie Covell (2018) 

Starring Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden and based on Charles Forsman’s comic book of the same name, The End of the F***ing World follows James, a 17-year-old who believes himself to be a psychopath, and Alyssa, an angry classmate who sees a chance to escape from her tumultuous home life in James. They embark on a road trip across England and begin to develop a relationship after a series of mishaps.

Praised for its brilliant writing and exceptional performances, the show is devoid of melodrama while touching on serious issues of abandonment, attachment and narcissism. The overall hilarity is infused in poignant moments that make the characters and their naivete and alleged darkness endearing. 

1. Derry Girls Lisa McGee, Michael Lennox (2018) 

Erin and her small gang of girlfriends attend a Catholic girl’s school in Northern Ireland. They are getting into trouble at random with their various romps within and outside school. It is heartwarming to see their camaraderie on-screen as well as the charming gags throughout the show. 

Set against the tumultuous political backdrop of the Troubles in Northern Ireland in the 90s, this hilarious and wacky coming-of-age series will leave you in splits. Focusing on friendship, school and their growing relationship amidst their naughty antics, one does not need to be Irish to fall in love with the show.