5 films to make you laugh on Netflix
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5 films to make you laugh on Netflix

It’s been a tough few years. Undoubtedly, those of us who have been affected by the global pandemic, either directly or indirectly, will have experienced some form of PTSD, no matter how slight we may perceive it to be. With that in mind, it seems prevalent that we should attempt to brighten up our days whenever we can. Luckily, for us, Netflix has a reem of classic comedies to make us laugh.

Below, we’ve brought together five different movies from very different sources of comedy that are all guaranteed to raise at least a wry smile from anybody who watches. These aren’t movies to impress significant others or allow your intellectual perception to be inflated; these are movies to make your sides split.

From some being instant box office hits to others gaining seasoned popularity over time, Netflix has a wide variety of comedy classics that should always be added to your regular watching. It can become all-too-easy to binge on a particular style of programming, but to forget to add comedy into your routine is to do yourself a grave disservice.

Laughing is one of our basest desires, and while its origination is largely gathered up in our need for social approval, the act can release enough chemicals in your brain to smooth over any rough edges of the day. So, below, check out five of the best comedies to watch on Netflix.

5 best comedies to watch on Netflix:

You Don’t Mess With Zohan (2008)

This hilarious superhero action film was the fourth collaboration between Dugan and Adam Sandler. Also starring Rob Schneider, Nick Swardson, John Turturo and more, the film was written by Sandler, Judd Apatow and Robert Smigel. With hare-brained, nonsensical humour, the film has a certain uplifting feel to it and also features Sandler’s butt in all its glory, adding to its cult-like stature. Do not miss out on the Mariah Carey cameo!

Mossad’s top agent Zohan wants to be a leading hairdresser. He fakes his death as an agent and moves to New York to live the dream of being an ambitious stylist. However, ghosts from his past attempt to uncover his secret, which he must desperately guard while trying to please his strict boss.

Watch You Don’t Mess with the Zohan on Netflix.

Rush Hour (1998)

Infusing comedy and action into the buddy cop sub-genre, Ratner’s franchise stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker as dysfunctional police officers who embark on epic misadventures to expose the dangerous corruption within the criminal underbelly of Hong Kong. With a perfect balance between humour and action, Chan and Tucker share a perfect camaraderie that shines through the trilogy.

Although Chan did not like the way he spoke English in the film, the franchise was very popular due to his impeccable timing with Tucker. Ratner was so impressed by Chan in Rumble that he flew to South Africa to pitch the film to Chan, who was working on another film; so desperate was he to cast the iconic actor.

Watch Rush Hour on Netflix.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian (1979)

Considered blasphemous in its day, Monty Python’s Life of Brian was banned in various countries as it triggered religious fanatics. The film revolved around an everyman character named Brian, who was born in Roman-occupied Judea right next to Jesus Christ. Mistaken to be a Messiah, he begins his fateful journey of mistaken identities where fanatical masses parrot his sayings.

A scathing satire on religious fanaticism, mass naivete and tyrannical oppression, the film was almost cancelled before being resuscitated by former Beatle, George Harrison who is a self-proclaimed Monty Python fan. Hilarious and goofy, the humour within the film led to massive chaos within the religious communities and in a surprising turn of events, managed to bring together “the Catholics, Protestants and Jews” as reiterated by Terry Gilliam.

Watch Life of Brian on Netflix.

Old School (2003)

If you’re looking for the exact moment Will Ferrell became a star, then you’ve found it. It wasn’t his performance as the candy cane chugging Buddy the Elf that put Ferrell on top; it was his starring turn as ‘Frank the Tank’. A mild-mannered and recently married man whose life falls apart when he starts going back to his frat house ways.

It is this film that kickstarted Ferrell’s journey as one of the most quotable actors in comedy. Old School provided countless lines, including a drunkenly explained trip to do some DIY shopping as a “nice little Saturday” or the belting classic “we’re going streaking!”. It’s a classic from the early noughties, which is definitely worth revisiting.

Watch Old School on Netflix.

Superbad (2007)

Jonah Hill and Michael Cera star as awkward high school misfits Seth and Evan, who aim to get invited to cool parties and lose their virginities. However, a night of debauchery is disrupted by menstruating fiances, messy brawls and irresponsibly drunk cops which lead to black eyes and rookie mistakes within a narrative that exudes an aura of innocence and naivete.

Written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the film is based on Rogen and Goldberg’s real-life experiences. The film brilliantly represents the general awkwardness of the teenage phase and popularity while being steeped in honest and charming vulnerability.

Watch Superbad on Netflix.