Six Adam Sandler films to enjoy on Netflix after ‘Hustle’
(Credit: Netflix)


Six Adam Sandler films to enjoy on Netflix after 'Hustle'

Adam Sandler was recently seen in the Netflix film Hustle which became an epic success on the streamer upon its release. Directed by Jeremiah Zaga, Hustle marks Sandler’s fourth collaboration with Netflix, following films like Sandy Wexler, Hubie Halloween and Murder Mystery.

Starring Queen Latifah, Robert Duvall, Ben Foster, Jordan Hull, Heidi Garner and Kenny Smith, Hustle also features real-life Utah Jazz player Juancho Herangomez as a Spanish talent whom Sandler’s character, a jaded coach, discovers. To revive his career, he decides to train Herangomez to make him the next big NBA legend.

Sandler, popular for his impressive comic timing and improv comedy, has had an indelible impact on the genre of comedy. The former Saturday Night Live talent has been memorable in several SNL skits and films thereafter. Sandler has starred in multiple fun comedies, namely Grown Ups, 50 First Dates, The Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore and Murder Mystery among others.

A talented actor, some of Sandler’s extensive filmography are now streaming on Netflix. If you have finished watching Hustle and want to treat yourself to some more Adam Sandler, watch these seven films on Netflix to appreciate his comic genius:

Six Adam Sandler on Netflix:

Murder Mystery (Kyle Newacheck, 2019)

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler make a hilarious duo. In the 2019 comedy, they starred as a dysfunctional couple who embark on a European vacation to bring back the spark in their marriage. Unfortunately for them, when they board an elderly billionaire’s yacht, they soon get framed for murder.

Also starring Luke Evans and Gemma Arterton, the film is full of fun and suspense. Written by James Vanderbilt, the script makes space for Sandler’s antics to shine through as a New York City cop caught in the mess with his wife. Sandler and Aniston will be seen in the upcoming 2022 sequel which is being directed by Jeremy Garelick and will take place across the Caribbean and Paris, based on a Vanderbilt script.

The Do-Over (Steve Brill, 2016) 

Starting over is something some of us really crave. But what if you found out that your new identity puts you in a deeper crisis? That is exactly what this 2016 film starring Sandler and David Spade is about where the duo fake their own deaths to start afresh only to find their lives going awry due to their new identities that have criminal connections.

Also starring Luiz Guzman, Paula Patton and Kathryn Hahn, the simple plot is uplifted by Spade and Sandler’s inarguable chemistry. With quite a few hilarious moments and generic action sequences, it is a decent and enjoyable watch.

Hubie Halloween (Robert Smigel, 2020)

Sandler stars as the affable and kind town idiot who is bullied and harassed by one and all who take advantage of his friendly innocence. However, when the town risks losing Halloween, a scaredy-cat Hubie has to act as their saviour and save a night of fun and festivities.

Utterly devoted to his hometown of Salem, Sandler, as usual, shines as the figure of laughter, amusement and mockery. Despite the constant barrage of malice and scorn, he decides to act on the situation. A lovable doofus in this Netflix comedy, despite having the spookiest festival of the year as its premise, the film is filled with good, old slapstick humour, which could have been more comprehensible had Sandler toned down a bit on the voices.

Grown Ups (Dennis Dugan, 2010)

Starring Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, Dave Spade, Salma Hayek and Maya Rudolph among others, Grown Upsfits the bill for Sandler’s genre of slapstick comedies with umpteen mindless goofs and entertainment. A brilliant reunion for some of the former SNL stars, namely Spade, James and Rock, the quartet has an epic reunion on-screen, delivering riotous laughter.

The film sees five best friends and former basketball teammates gather in their small hometown during the Fourth of July weekend. As they reconnect several decades later, the men are left to grapple with the emotions of growing up and apart over shared problems, destruction and epic chaos.

Sandy Wexler (Steve Brill, 2017) 

Starring Sandler, Kevin James, Jennifer Hudson, Terry Crews, Colin Quinn, Rob Schneider and others, Sandy Wexler is a deeply personal tribute to Sandler’s real-life talent manager, Sandy Wernick. The film revolves around the titular talent manager who works in ’90s Los Angeles and faces various trials and tribulations of working in the entertainment industry while grappling with his newfound feelings for a client.

A bit erratic and rough on the edges, the film could have been a little shorter. Sandler and Hudson have great chemistry together and Sandler is pretty different in this film which lacks slapstick comedy and silly gags, making it seem pretty refreshing.

Uncut Gems (Josh Safdie, Benny Safdie, 2019)

In a pretty challenging and unconventional role, Sandler stars as Howard Ratner, a formerly successful New York gems dealer whose gambling problems have left his professional and personal spheres hollow, with crushing debt. Desperate to stay afloat in the vicious cycle of money and prodigality, Ratner finds consequences catching up with his actions.

Starring Sandler, Julia Fox and Idina Menzel among other actors, the film records Sandler’s career-defining performance as his character adds relentless panic and anxiety. With brilliant sound design, visuals and cinematography, the film is an epic depiction of New York via the exhilarating lens of the Safdie brothers whose crime thrillers are chaotic yet mesmerising.