11 actors you forgot were in ‘Gilmore Girls’
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11 actors you forgot were in ‘Gilmore Girls’

Gilmore Girls has left an indelible mark on television history, not only for its witty dialogues and cosy moments but also for its ability to launch the careers of many well-known actors. 

While Melissa McCarthy and Milo Ventimiglia are among the more recognised faces, the show is peppered with hidden gems. ​​Arielle Kebbel had a more extended role as she played Dean’s (Jared Padalecki) wife on the series. Riki Lindhome appeared as one of Logan’s (Matt Czuchry) mates.

You might also remember Alex Borstein (who appeared in the series playing two different characters) and Chad Michael Murray, who had to leave the show to be on Dawson’s Creek. But there were plenty of now-popular actors who either made cameos or had short roles on Gilmore Girls in their pre-fame era. 

Ardent fans, who often do annual binges of the show, especially during fall, make a game out of spotting the famous faces on Gilmore Girls. Here are some of the most noteworthy of the lot who made it big.

11 actors you had no idea were in Gilmore Girls:

Jon Hamm as Peyton Sanders

Long before his iconic role as Don Draper in Mad Men, Jon Hamm made a memorable appearance on Gilmore Girls during its third season. In a charmingly awkward turn as Peyton Sanders, an advertising executive, Hamm became an insipid mama’s boy who struggled to impress Lorelai Gilmore. And thus ended his series run.

Adam Brody as Dave Rygalski

Before becoming Seth Cohen on The OC, Adam Brody briefly appeared as Lane’s secret boyfriend, Dave Rygalski. His run on the show ended as his character left for college, and the long distance drove Lane and Dave apart.

Melora Hardin as Therapist

Known for her role as Jan on The Office, Melora Hardin played a therapist on Gilmore Girls. Her involvement in advising Lorelai to elope with Luke added an unexpected twist to the storyline.

Jane Lynch as Hospital nurse

In a brief but memorable cameo, Jane Lynch played a hospital nurse who was exasperated with Emily Gilmore’s antics during Richard’s hospital stint after his heart attack in season one.

Danny Pudi as Yale Daily News Writer

Before his Community days, Danny Pudi portrayed a writer in a minor role at the Yale Daily News.

Nick Offerman as Jackson’s brother 

Famous for playing Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, Nick Offerman played Jackson’s brother, Beau, on the show. He appeared during season four.

Leslie Odom Jr as Quentin Walsh

Hamilton fame Leslie Odom Jr. portrayed the pompous Princeton guy Quentin Walsh during season six, engaging in a memorable verbal sparring match with Rory.

Victoria Justice as Lord of the Rings party girl

Long before her Victorious days, Victoria Justice played an unnamed girl at a Lord of the Rings-themed party during season four. She is the one who told Sookie that her carrots tasted like diapers.

Billy Burke as Lorelai’s love interest, Alex

More recognisable now as Charlie Swan, aka Bella’s dad, in the Twilight franchise, Billy Burke had a brief role as Lorelai’s romantic interest, Alex, in season three.

Krysten Ritter as Lucy, Rory’s college friend

Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter portrayed Lucy, one of Rory’s artsy college friends in season seven. She is the one who dated Marty, who, like the absolute nonce that he is, lied to her about knowing and having a crush on Rory.

Seth MacFarlane as Lorelai’s fellow grad

Before becoming the creator of the hit adult animated comedy Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane made a memorable appearance on Gilmore Girls. In a cameo role, MacFarlane played one of Lorelai’s fellow business school graduates.