Fall for ‘Gilmore Girls’ again: The five best episodes of ‘Gilmore Girls’ to rewatch
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Fall for 'Gilmore Girls' again: The five best episodes of 'Gilmore Girls' to rewatch

There is a coven of Gilmore Girls fans who make it a point to revisit Stars Hollow every fall. They gather together on not-so-secret forums in wee corners of the internet, to light the beacon and sound the rallying call: it is time for the annual Gilmore Girls marathon. 

The nip in the air has set in. Fall is here in the northern hemisphere, and that means it is time to rewatch the Amy Sherman-Palladino classic and fervently discuss, dissect, and analyse plotlines and characters you have already turned into a pop culture discourse.

In case you are short on time, and cannot commit to a full rewatch—season one to seven and that forsaken revival—then fret not. There are certain episodes that you can drop in on. You already remember every detail of the show, so connecting the threads won’t be difficult.

Here are the top five Gilmore Girls episodes you can dive into to revisit Stars Hollow this fall. 

Top five Gilmore Girls episodes to rewatch this fall

‘Friday Night’s Alright For Fighting’ – Season 6, Episode 13

In this episode, tension brews in the Gilmore family as Lorelai and Rory join Richard and Emily for their weekly Friday night dinner. The scene shifts from heated arguments to moments of total silence to rousing laughter to more chaotic arguments. The long shots, camera movements, and acting all bring together this scene. It is easily one of the best scenes in TV history.

‘A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving’ – Season 3, Episode 9

This episode revolves around Thanksgiving celebrations in Stars Hollow. Lorelai and Rory are invited to four separate Thanksgiving dinners, and in true Gilmore fashion, they overcommit. It also features a memorable deep-fried turkey mishap.

‘The Bracebridge Dinner’ – Season 2, Episode 10

When a snowstorm leaves the holiday convention originally scheduled at the Dragonfly Inn stranded in Boston, Lorelai and Sookie invite their friends and family for a cosy staycation. This means all your favourite characters—from Kirk to Paris—are gathered under the same roof! The festivities feature a sumptuous seven-course Old English dinner and delightful horse-drawn sleigh rides for everyone to enjoy.

‘The Reigning Lorelai’ – Season 4, Episode 16

Some of the standout episodes of the series serve as a reminder that the stern Emily is after all a Gilmore girl as well. This particular episode delves into the influence of Trix, Richard’s mother, on Emily’s life. Following Trix’s passing, Emily stumbles upon a letter from her late mother-in-law, encouraging Richard to end his relationship with Emily and marry his former fiancée, Pennilyn Lott. This revelation leads Emily to let loose in grief for a change, leading to certain truly delightful unhinged moments.

‘Wedding Bell Blues’ – Season 5, Episode 13

In the milestone 100th episode of the series, Emily and Richard renew their vows. However, drama unfolds as Emily invites Rory’s father, Christopher, to the event to disrupt Luke and Lorelai’s relationship. The episode increasingly builds tension with every Luke and Christopher interaction till it culminates into a full-fledged blowup. Luke finally puts Christopher in his place for being an absentee father, making this one of the most satisfactory arcs in Gilmore Girls.