10 most popular series on Netflix this week: May 2022
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10 most popular series on Netflix this week: May 2022

Due to a massive subscriber exodus and the major stock price falls, Netflix has been facing an unprecedented financial crisis lately. However, the streamer is dedicated to releasing brand new titles throughout May 2022, of which the most exciting title has dominated global charts.

Every week Best of Netflix will bring you the list of the ten most popular series on Netflix across the globe. From new releases to old favourites, these are the shows storming the charts and generating conversations on social media. 

After a three-year-long hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, Stranger Things dropped its fourth season on May 27th, 2022, and has dominated the top spot on global charts with a staggering viewing time of 286.79 million hours. Created by the Duffer brothers, the fourth season has been broken down into two distinct volumes. The first volume has seven episodes while the second volume will have two feature-length episodes and will premiere on Netflix on July 1st, 2022. 

Darker, gorier and scarier than ever, the fourth season takes place across three distinct locations, namely Hawkins, California and a Russian prison. While Hopper, who is still alive, is struggling to escape prison, the Hawkins gang faces a sinister evil in form of the monstrous, nightmare-inducing Vecna. A powerless Eleven, meanwhile, is subject to bullying in California and later tries to regain her psychokinetic powers. 

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The hype around the second season has also shot up the popularity of the first three seasons significantly as people have been trying to catch up with previous events. All three seasons have been viewed well over 20 to 24 million hours. Starring Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, David Harbour, Winona Ryder, Noah Schnapp, Joe Keery, Sadie Sink and more, the series continues to be a global phenomenon since its start in 2016. 

The second spot on the global charts is occupied by David E. Kelley and Ted Humphrey’s Netflix series The Lincoln Lawyer. Watched for 64 million hours, the series has reached the global charts for a third week in a row and is based on Michael Connelly’s 2008 novel The Brass Verdict. Adapted from Matthew McConaughey’s eponymous 2011 film, the series stars Manuel Garcja-Rulfo, Neve Campbell, Angus Sampson, Christopher Gorham, Jazz Raycole and Becki Newton.  

After releasing on Friday, May 20th, 2022, the third volume of Love, Death & Robots has garnered a viewership of 15 million households, appearing on the global charts for the second time in a row. With shorts from various acclaimed filmmakers, including David Fincher and Alberto Mieglo, the third season is visually stunning and memorable and perhaps the best-ever season in the show. Read our review here

Here are the ten most popular series on Netflix this week in May 2022: 

Netflix’s most popular series this week:

  1. Stranger Things (Season 4)
  2. The Lincoln Lawyer (Season 1) 
  3. Stranger Things (Season 1) 
  4. Stranger Things (Season 3)
  5. Stranger Things (Season 2)
  6. Ozark (Season 4)
  7. The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib (Season 1)
  8. Love, Death & Robots (Season 3) 
  9. Bridgerton (Season 2)
  10. The Circle (Season 4)