10 most popular series on Netflix this week: March 2022
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10 most popular series on Netflix this week: March 2022

Each week we will bring you the ten most popular Netflix series across the globe as we aim to always provide the very Best of Netflix. This week has seen Toni Colette’s outrageously fantastic Pieces of Her once again find itself in the top ten most-watched shows of the week, but will it retain its top spot?

The beauty of series becoming popular as their presence often hangs around for weeks at a time as different streaming athletes pace themselves accordingly. Some will naturally binge the show in an unholy quantity, while others will nibble away at singular episodes, dedicating time and memory space to their new favourite show. Below, we have the ten most popular shows of the week.

Let us first clear some of the usual series out of the way. Of course, with news that Anna Sorokin has been deported back to Germany, another spike of those wanting to know her crimes has selected Inventing Anna as their go-to series. The dramatised re-telling of Sorokin’s widespread swindling has kept viewers entertained for weeks, enjoying its fifth entry into the top ten with over 50 million hours spent streaming the show.

There has also been a call to arms and face-painted barbarianism as The Last Kingdom aired its fifth season. As well as that season amassing a huge 63 million hours streamed, the new edition to the saga has also seen viewers go back to the beginning as The Last Kingdom: Season 1 is also in the top ten.

The biggest story of the week, however, is Toni Colette’s masterful turn in Pieces of Her, which has enjoyed its second week as the most-streamed series on Netflix worldwide. While the show has been “annoying” users, it has also grabbed the attention of the world.

Based on Karin Slaughter’s eponymous 2018 novel, the thrilling premise features Toni Collette, Bella Heathcote, Joe Dempsie, David Wenham and others in prominent roles. Colette plays the mother to Heathcote, who tries hard to find more about her mother’s dark past. Heathcote begins to grow suspicious after Collette deftly eliminates the threat during a mass shooting.

As Heathcote begins to stumble upon unknown and ominous secrets from her mother’s hidden past, the series abounds in secrets, violence, mystery and shock and explores the changing dynamics of the mother-daughter relationship against a violent backdrop — it’s a wonderful piece of television that deserves its spot at the top.

Below, we have the most popular series on Netflix this week.

The 10 most popular series on Netflix this week:

  1. Pieces of Her: Season 1
  2. The Last Kingdom: Season 5
  3. Inventing Anna
  4. Vikings: Valhalla: Season 1
  5. Formula 1: Drive to Survive: Season 4
  6. Worst Roommate Ever: Season 1
  7. Good Girls: Season 4
  8. Love Is Blind: Season 2
  9. The Last Kingdom: Season 1
  10. Queen of the South: Season 5