10 most popular series on Netflix this week: August 2022
(Credit: Netflix)


10 most popular series on Netflix this week: August 2022

Welcome back to our weekly round-up of the most popular series on Netflix. We’ve got a mix of mainstays and new arrivals this week, with many of the public’s favourite shows continuing to attract viewers. A couple of new additions are also beginning to throw their weight around. Let’s dive in.

Last week, Echoes was a new entry and occupied the number five spot. This week, it’s rocketed to number one, having earned 68,490,000 hours of viewing time. The series stars Michelle Monaghan and Karen Robinson as identical twins Leni and Gina, both of whom have been living under one another’s identities for years. After one of the sisters disappears, however, things start to fall apart.

Like last week, a number of enduring favourites have remained in the charts, though their rankings have changed. Locke and Key, for example, has slipped down four places to number eight, while Manifest (Season One) has risen from number six to number five, having garnered 19,110,000 hours of viewing time in the 17 weeks it’s been on Netflix. Meanwhile, Virgin River has slipped down two places to number, while Stranger Things (Season Four) has dropped one place to number four.

This week’s most notable new entry is the first season of Selling the OC, which follows real estate company The Oppenheim Group as they expand to Orange County, where, according to Netflix, “an all-new real estate team shows off lavish oceanfront listings and big personalities make waves.” The series has already attracted 18,680,000 hours of viewing time in its first week.

Also making entries this week are Partner Track (Season One) and Glow Up (Season Four), the former of which focuses on Ingrid Yun, an employee of an elite NYC law firm, who fights to hold onto her principles and balance her romantic life as she fights to make an impact at work. Starring Arden Cho, Alexandra Turshen and Bradley Gibson, Partner Track has earned 16,660,000 hours of viewing time so far.

Holding the number ten spot is the fourth season of the makeup competition show Glow Up, in which aspiring makeup artists must tackle various challenges to win a career-making position in the beauty industry. In its first week, it’s already raked in 14,280,000 hours. Check the full stats below, and make sure you tune in next week.

The most popular series on Netflix August 2022:

  1. Echoes: Limited Series
  2. The Sandman: Season One
  3. Never Have I Ever: Season Three
  4. Stranger Things: Season Four
  5. Manifest: Season One
  6. Selling The OC: Season One
  7. Partner Track: Season One
  8. Locke & Key: Season Three
  9. Virgin River: Season Four
  10. Glow Up: Season Four