The complaint everyone is making about Netflix show ‘Echoes’
(Credit: Netflix)


The complaint everyone is making about Netflix show 'Echoes'

One of the great things about streaming is that audience sentiment is no longer dictated by the time and place you are in. If a show was released at 9pm every Friday night, there’s a good chance it would receive a similar reaction from its audience as the mood of most people at such a time is usually fairly aligned. However, with the advent of on-demand watching, audiences can now devour a show at their leisure and be offered the opportunity to find their own sentiment.

It does, however, make for a truly engrossing moment when a show or film is released on a streaming platform, and the entire audience is shocked, appalled or annoyed by exactly the same thing. That’s what has happened for Netflix’s latest release Echoes.

The crime thriller has recently premiered on Netflix and has left the audience scratching their heads for more than one reason. While such shows are rarely tied up with a big bow when the credits roll, something else seems to have angered fans across the globe.

The seven-part limited series follows Leni and Gina, twins who swap lives on their birthday every year. However, when one of the girls goes missing, things start to go very wrong indeed. The show has gathered critical acclaim and become one of the most popular series on the streaming platform.

The issues fans have isn’t with the storyline or the acting but with the filming itself. [Spoiler alert] The final episode sees the twins confronting one another, having fled their burning childhood home. The argument takes place in front of a waterfall, but has left fans aghast.

The issue they have is that the waterfall scene was quite clearly shot in front of a green screen. “Echoes was fire until the last episode green screen debacle. No way they couldn’t have filmed that better. Totally ruined the drama,” said one typical Twitter user.

It should be put into perspective that the filming of such a scene shouldn’t ruin the expert work of the previous six episodes. However, there is surely a nearby waterfall that could have been used.