Zack Snyder confirms ‘Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas’ has been scrapped at Netflix
(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


Zack Snyder confirms 'Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas' has been scrapped at Netflix

Director Zack Snyder has revealed news surrounding the Army of the Dead universe and recently announced that the animated series Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas has been scrapped.

The series was supposed to premiere on Netflix, following on from the success of Army of Dead and Army of Thieves, but the streaming service has made the decision to axe the project despite much work on it having already been completed.

In fact, Snyder argues that so much had been done on the show that it could even be watched in its current form. In an interview with Total Film Magazine, he said, “We did all the scripts and the animatics, and all the voices are recorded.”

“So, you could watch it, even in its crazy animatic form,” Snyder continued, “you can watch the whole run.” The project had previously stalled earlier in the year for technical reasons.

Synder said back in March, “I will say that there’s been a slight stall on the Lost Vegas animated thing. For technical reasons, it went off the rail a little bit.” 

At the time, he said that his other animated project, Twilight of the Gods, was still going ahead.

Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas was meant to tell the origin story of Scott and his crew during the initial fall of Las Vegas as they faced the strange outbreak of zombies.