‘Young Royals’ season three ending explained
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‘Young Royals’ season three ending explained

The much-anticipated season three of Young Royals has finally concluded, marking the end of an emotional journey for fans of the Netflix series. 

The Swedish teen romance drama aired its last episode on March 18th, 2024. The show wrapped up the entangled tale of Simon and Wilhelm, two central characters whose love story had hearts hooked worldwide.

Young Royals followed the journey of Prince Wilhelm, who was sent to Hillerska, a prestigious boarding school. Amid the rigid confines of royal life, Wilhelm found solace and companionship in Simon, a fellow student. Their relationship blossoms in the backdrop of school dynamics, familial pressures, and personal struggles. 

As Wilhelm and Simon learnt to navigate the complexities of love, identity, and duty, they confronted many societal expectations and managed to forge a path toward authenticity. And things end on a high for the central couple.

What happened at the end of Young Royals season three?

The season three, part one ending of Young Royals, the relationship between Wilhelm and Simon took a tumultuous turn. Tensions reached their peak when Wilhelm, struggling with the weight of royal duty and personal desires, lashed out at his parents. This altercation catalyses a heartbreaking breakup between Wilhelm and Simon in the show’s penultimate episode, as Simon realises he can no longer endure the complexities of their relationship.

As the series draws to a close, Hillerska, the prestigious boarding school central to the story, faces closure due to revelations of systemic abuse. This revelation shocks the students, including Wilhelm and Simon, who navigate a sea of emotions amidst the upheaval.

In a poignant moment, Wilhelm and Simon come face to face for the first time since their breakup. Despite attempts at reconciliation, unresolved tensions linger as the characters confront their past and contemplate their futures.

Do Simon and Wilhelm end up together in Young Royals?

Amid the chaos of the school closing down, the characters find closure and redemption. Sara and Felice mend their relationship while Wilhelm takes a bold decision. Ultimately, Wilhelm decides to abdicate the throne, choosing love and personal fulfilment over the rigidity of royal duty.

Young Royals concludes with a bittersweet yet hopeful note as Wilhelm and Simon reunite, professing their love for each other. Their final kiss and embrace symbolise a new beginning.

To co-creator and head writer Lisa Ambjörn, this is the resolution that made the most sense. Ambjörn told the LA Times, “For me, the ultimate conclusion is Wilhelm understanding his position, saying no to it, choosing freedom, and then having this moment with Simon.”

She continued explaining that, in the end, the young ones drive off to a future full of possibilities. “I do think it is in some way considered to be very cool to end very tragically, but I think [ending a show with] hope is very brave and very daring.”

Young Royals delivers a much-needed happy ending for Simon and Wilhelm and their shippers. So, get streaming Young Royals on Netflix already and catch the season three trailer here: