‘You’ star hints final season will feature familiar faces
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'You' star hints final season will feature familiar faces

Penn Badgley will star as Joe Goldberg’s serial killing book lover for the fifth and final season of the Netflix series, recently teasing that familiar faces from Goldberg’s past will return in the epic conclusion of You.

In a video teaser shown at Tudum: A Global Fan Event, Badgley shared that his character will be making his return to the New York book shop we were first introduced to Goldberg in, Mooney’s.

“There are many loose ends in Joe’s past,” says Badgley in the clips, which showed familiar characters he had wronged over the course of four seasons.

They include Wednesday star, Jenna Ortega, as the orphaned Ellie from the second season, John Stamos’ wrongly imprisoned Dr. Nicky, and the Conrads, who escaped Joe’s cage in the third season.

Speaking to Tudum before the debut of season four, Badgley said: “I think it sets us up to actually have a really great finale season.” The last season saw him join forces with the wealthy and equally dark Kate, played by Charlotte Richie, and come close to accepting he was a truly bad person.

With the help of Kate’s money and influence, he has the chance to finally return to New York without having to hide his identity, but the privilege a fresh start affords him also opens him up to the return of old faces.

Longtime You writers Justin W. Lo and Michael Foley will take over Sera Gamble’s showrunning duties on the final season, who said: “I’m proud of what we’ve all accomplished and feel privileged to pass the torch. I’m excited to watch and support the You team as they bring Joe Goldberg’s journey to its delightfully twisted conclusion.”