Netflix documentary ‘Yellow Door: ’90s Lo-fi Film Club’ features Bong Joon-ho
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Netflix documentary 'Yellow Door: '90s Lo-fi Film Club' features Bong Joon-ho

The South Korean director of SnowpiercerOkja and Parasite, Bong Joon-ho, will be featured in the upcoming Netflix documentary Yellow Door: ’90s Lo-fi Film Club. The first trailer for the film has now also been released.

Netflix have stated that the new documentary is an “ode to the golden era of Korean cinephilia” and an exploration of the “young film enthusiasts who paved the way for the Korean cinematic renaissance”.

Lee Hyuk-rae of 2022’s Sewing Sister has directed the movie. It will dive deep into the history and lives of the members of the Yellow Door Film Club, which Bong was a key member of back in the 1990s.

Netflix said in a statement, “The 1990s witnessed an explosion of film clubs on Korean campuses, providing young students with a creative outlet and a platform to study the art of cinema. Yellow Door Film Club was one of them.”

The new trailer sees Bong and his former film club members reunite to speak about the club and how it played an important part in South Korean film and entertainment history. At one point, Bong says, “At overseas film festivals in the early to mid-2000s, people would ask, ‘Where did all these directors come from?'” 

The director then adds, “Then I’d bring up Yellow Door.” The film will get its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival before being released on Netflix on October 27th.

Check out the trailer for Yellow Door: ’90s Lo-fi Film Club below.