‘X-Ray for Movies’ available on Netflix through Google Chrome extension
(Credit: Mollie Sivaram)


'X-Ray for Movies' available on Netflix through Google Chrome extension

A key part of Amazon’s Prime’s charm and lure it has other its streaming competitors is the X-Ray feature, which allows viewers to see more information about any film or show such as trivia, cast or even the music used in the title through a link with IMDB.  Now, a developer has come to the rescue to create a similar extension for Netflix, although it is currently only available on Google Chrome.

The Amazon feature has been knocking around since they first introduced X-Ray for Movies almost a decade ago in 2012 and is a stand-out feature on the service. The extension is currently more limited than Prime’s equivalent, which has a full breakdown of all the actors used on a scene-by-scene basis, unlike the Netflix version, which only has it on a title-by-title basis thus far.

However, if you click on any of the actor’s names, the extension does have the capabilities to bring up a collection of their other work. If you instead choose to click on the title, you will be greeted by trailers, review scores and descriptions. The extension also incorporates streaming availability from Google and informs the viewer which of these titles are available to view on Netflix.

Developer Sid told What’s On Netflix: “Amazon Prime’s X-Ray feature, I loved how I didn’t have to check my phone or switch between windows to get to know more about the cast and songs. But what Amazon’s X Ray feature lacked was details of the other TV shows and movies the cast has worked in. I’ve added that too. You can see their other works, trailers, ratings, and streaming info in a single click.”

The developer also explained that going forward; he wants to bring in more “general trivia and goofs related to the movie, show, and actor. Recommendations based on the movie/show currently being watched. Integration with other OTT platforms (Disney+, HBO, etc.)”

Check out the add-on, here.