One of the worst family films of all time is trending on Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)


One of the worst family films of all time is trending on Netflix

Netflix and its algorithm work in mysterious ways!

After Ron Howard’s 2000 flick How the Grinch Stole Christmas, starring Jim Carrey, had a gross earning of a whopping $345 million at the global box office, Dreamworks and Universal decided to have another go at adapting one of Dr. Suess’ stories into a live-action film.

However, the plan went awry and resulted in a disastrous flick in 2003, titled The Cat in the Hat, starring Mike Myers, that has suddenly begun trending on Netflix for no apparent reason. 

The film premiered on the streaming service on December 1 and has dominated charts ever since. It has ranked higher than Netflix’s recent Originals The Power of the Dog and A Boy Called Christmas

The reason why Bo Welch’s directorial debut was a failure was its obnoxious adaptation of its source text, it bore little to zero resemblance to Dr. Seuss’ book. To make matter worse, the film featured horrible makeup and never truly landed on the beautiful crux of compassion and cartoonish humour. 

Myers, fresh off his Austin Powers popularity, found himself playing a weird cat clad in a hat who arrives at a family home much to the chagrin of the family fish. His antics and destructive tendencies that are supposed to be funny end up being hilariously weak and abysmal with two screaming children and an obnoxious feline Myers with a furry body who is more annoying than funny. 

The film had received a nomination at the Razzies for the Worst Picture and more and won the pathetic “Worst Excuse for an Actual Movie (All Concept/No Content).” 

Even Audrey Stone Geisel, the late widow of the legendary author Dr. Seuss, said that he detested the film so much that she would prevent any other live-action adaptation of his works from taking place. 

Despite horrifying reception, Netflix viewers seem to be loving this pathetic excuse of a film, so much so that it has topped charts for nearly two weeks now. 

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