Why ‘The Office’ has the perfect Christmas episode
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Why 'The Office' has the perfect Christmas episode

Settling the whole family down to watch a holiday movie is a tradition that most families and adopted families will pick up this year. However, there is a lot to be said for enjoying the Christmas episodes of your favourite series too. On Netflix right now is one of the greatest ever made, from The Office.

Holiday-themed episodes are usually a fan favourite in shows. These scenes are often chaotic and uncomfortable as one may see family drama ensue. At times they are uproariously funny with family conflict, altercations, humour and comedy finding a common ground.

Titled “Christmas Party” and featuring as the tenth episode of the second season, Dunder Mifflin Paper Company is seen grappling with the festivities and fun of the holiday spirit. The Secret Santa is the perfect opportunity for Jim to give Pam his gift, but his plans are disrupted when a selfish Michael Scott makes everyone play Yankee Swap to win himself the perfect gift- that’s so very Michael of him! 

This episode is one of the most brilliant Christmas episodes as it features the true spirit of the holiday season in workplaces. The holiday season unleashes the best and worst among the employees who hilariously scramble to get the best gift. This Emmy-nominated episode received a lot of praise and applause, especially for the “Yankee Swap” sequence that brings out the Machiavelli in Michael.

It is the perfect cocktail of the absurdity of the show, the complexity and cleverness of the writing and the humanity at the heart of the series. It allows us all a few laughs, the odd moment of tenderness and the reminder that we all need to remind ourselves of the spirit of Christmas once in a while.

Watch The Office Christmas special on Netflix now.