Why The Midnight Gospel is the most underrated show on Netflix
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Why The Midnight Gospel is the most underrated show on Netflix

Before getting into The Midnight Gospel, the show deserves a bit of context for those who haven’t had the opportunity to watch it yet. The limited animated series debuted in 2020 on Netflix and has remained one of the most mind-numbing shows of the decade and beyond. At the same time one of the most underrated shows on the streamer. The story revolves around a space explorer who travels across trippy universes in his universe simulator. 

While investigating each location, he interviews one individual for his podcast amidst the maelstrom of sights. During these interviews, he finds up asking existential questions about life, death, the afterlife, and everything in between. Subjectively speaking, it is difficult to come across an episode such as the series finale. The show ends with Duncan Trussell interviewing his late mother. Discussing small details at every step of the way about her and his life, and their life together. 

The show truly urges viewers to pause whilst surviving in this chaotic world and look inward. The trippy and psychedelic animation style documents each chaotic environment that Clancy finds himself in. However, he continues to look inward, he chooses to deliberately shift his own narrative instead of being a part of the chaos. Apart from a creative genius, The Midnight Gospel is one of those shows that might not be as popular as Stranger Things but manages to turn the lens of facets of life that are left unseen. 

What makes The Midnight Gospel so special is its ability to create a world where open dialogue is encouraged. Where people talk beyond the facades and conversation flows freely. Each episode discusses really different yet interestingly similar topics in the most unfiltered way possible. However, still manages to be relatable to the ordinary. 

The graphics throughout the show is disorienting and disassociating. With each object given an out worldly twist. Similar to that of Bojack Horseman. Although The Midnight Gospel does not seem all too shiny on the outside, this hidden gem is capable of moving mountains. Heavily underappreciated as it is, Netflix has discontinued the show after only one season.

However tragic that may be, this masterpiece will always be etched in the history of television as a meta-collaboration of different mediums. Exhibiting the Kuleshov effect but for the combination of audio and visuals.

When asked why the creators chose the name they explained how they wanted to add a positive connotation to the show. Especially how they wanted to make a statement by portraying how even through chaos, one can find moments dedicated to personal growth. Don’t miss out on this amazing work by Trussell and animator Pendleton Ward. Accompanied by a beautiful narrative and a truly transcendental experience. 

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