Where was ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ filmed?
(Credit: Netflix)


Where was ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ filmed?

Bridgerton fans are enjoying an alternative take on the series now that Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story has been released on Netflix. It follows a young Charlotte (played by India Amarteifio) as she marries a young King George (Corey Mylchreest) and conducts a big shift that will impact the proceeding generations.

The series is shot in a number of luxurious locations, as expected of royalty. The characters visit a number of grand theatres and estates throughout the series, and it was shot in Wiltshire, Lincolnshire, Somerset, Oxfordshire. Most of the interior shots were filmed at Shepperton Studios in London.

The synopsis for the show reads, “Centred on Queen Charlotte’s rise to prominence and power, this Bridgerton-verse prequel tells the story of how the young Queen’s marriage to King George sparked both a great love story and a societal shift, creating the world of the Ton inherited by the characters in Bridgerton.”

Showrunner Shonda Rhimes recently told Collider, “It’s very much about how do you survive in a world in which you have no power. Where do you find the power in that? When I think about this series and what I want audiences to take away from it, I think the most important thing is I want people to feel like this is what happens with real love.”

She added, “Love is hard, love is difficult, love has many layers, and I also want them to take away the idea that the happy ending that we always talk about for characters doesn’t have to be the obvious one.”