Where is Netflix’s ‘Bad Surgeon’ Paolo Macchiarini now?
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Where is Netflix's 'Bad Surgeon' Paolo Macchiarini now?

Netflix‘s recent true-crime documentary delves into the narrative of Swiss surgeon Paolo Macchiarini, from Netflix’s Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife, initially celebrated as a groundbreaking regenerative surgery pioneer. Despite the accolades, a disturbing pattern emerged as his patients faced repeated fatalities. Whistleblowers emerged to expose Macchiarini, unmasking him as not just a fraud but also a fantasist.

The three-part docuseries not only features those instrumental in revealing Macchiarini’s deception but also includes perspectives from the families of his victims and his former fiancée, who uncovered a concealed secret family just before their planned wedding.

In a parallel exploration, the Channel 4 documentary Murdered: The Baby on the Beach revisits the Kerry babies case, prompting inquiries about the current whereabouts of Joanne Hayes, wrongly accused of murder.

Similarly, a documentary on an Instagram con artist raised questions about Belle Gibson’s present circumstances, while an ITVX documentary on fake CIA agent William Allen Jordan stirred immediate curiosity about his current life. The same curiosity now surrounds Paolo Macchiarini, and this documentary reveals the aftermath of his exposed crimes and his current situation.

As of the latest reports from the Associated Press, Paolo Macchiarini is presently serving a two-and-a-half-year jail sentence for causing the deaths of three individuals between 2011 and 2014.

Initially handed a suspended sentence in June 2022, indicating no jail time, an appeals court in Sweden elevated his sentence in June 2023.

Reuters details that Macchiarini was acquitted last year of aggravated assault in three death cases but was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm in a fourth case. However, these acquittals have since been overturned, with the Swedish appeals court asserting that while Macchiarini may have hoped his method would succeed, his actions demonstrated criminal intent.

The report further outlines Macchiarini’s stance, where he adamantly denies any criminal wrongdoing and expresses a sense of feeling “imprisoned,” having already suffered the loss of his job and career. He voices disappointment with the trial’s outcome and asserts his intention to appeal the decision.

As per the Associated Press, Macchiarini faced dismissal from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, a research-driven medical university, in 2016. The termination resulted from allegations of breaching medical ethics, including accusations of falsifying his resume and misrepresenting his work.

Additionally, in the same year, the Swedish government took action by dismissing the board of the Karolinska Institute. This decision followed an investigation that revealed negligence in the institute’s hiring process of Macchiarini and its subsequent allowance of him to perform surgeries on patients, as reported by Reuters.