Where are Jeff and Shaleia Divine of ‘Escaping Twin Flames’ now?
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Where are Jeff and Shaleia Divine of ‘Escaping Twin Flames’ now?

The latest Netflix docu-series that has fascinated viewers is an interesting one.

Escaping Twin Flames with its exploration of the pseudo-spiritual cult Twin Flames Universe and its co-founders, Jeff and Shaleia Divine, has people curious to know more.

For the uninitiated, twin flames are believed to be two souls connected at a deeply spiritual level, sharing a unique and intense connection. Many believe they are destined to meet in each lifetime, offering a profound, often romantic, and spiritual connection that transcends conventional relationships.

This docuseries delves into the experiences of individuals who, while searching for love, found themselves a part of an online community that they claim is a cult. Even though Jeff and Shaleia have denied that they are running a cult, their Twin Flames Universe have been accused of practising coercion, manipulation, and exploitation—all symptomatic signs of cults. 

Who are Jeff and Shaleia Divine?

Jeff and Shaleia are still actively involved in running the Twin Flames Universe, which sells everything from hokum diets explicitly designed for twin flame couples and even uses buzzy new-age terms like ‘ascension’.

It’s worth noting that Jeff and Shaleia have adopted different names over the years to run their business. They initially went by Ender Ayanethos and Megan Plante but later adopted the names Jeff and Shaleia Ayan and ultimately changed their surname to Divine. Their daughter, Grace Violet Divine, was born in April 2023.

The Twin Flames Universe, established by Jeff and Shaleia in 2017, claims to help people find their twin flame union through coaching and exercises. The organisation runs from their Michigan home and offers courses and resources, including the “Twin Flame Ascension Course”.

The documentary shows how the concept developed from the two simply advising people looking to either attract or repair things with their supposed twin flame to Jeff and Shaleia executing complete control over who members’ supposed twin flame is.

Escaping Twin Flames reveals how Jeff and Shaleia initially offer advice to individuals seeking their purported twin flames, ultimately gaining absolute control over determining members’ alleged twin flames. Shaleia explains in a video shown in the documentary, “Because we’ve been in Harmonious Union for years, we very much have achieved that miracle of being able to see and confirm someone’s Twin Flame.” 

Where are Jeff and Shaleia Divine now?

The series shows that Jeff and Shaleia are continuing to recruit new members, offering the promise of helping lonely and vulnerable people find their twin flames. Despite the allegations and controversies surrounding their organisation, Jeff and Shaleia maintain that any negative claims made against them are merely the result of dissatisfied customers seeking to discredit them.

Currently, Jeff and Shaleia Divine are based in Farmington Hills, just outside Traverse City, Michigan, and they continue to operate their business from their residence. The Twin Flames Universe remains the epicentre of their activities.

Their Facebook group remains active, with over 67,000 members as of November 2023, and they continue to share content related to Twin Flames on their social media pages.

Did Jeff and Shaleia Divine face any criminal charges?

As for criminal charges, the Farmington Hills Police Department investigated the Twin Flames Universe in 2020 but could not determine that any crimes occurred within their jurisdiction. Subsequently, they forwarded the report to the FBI to review possible federal crimes.

In response to allegations that their organisation is a cult, Jeff and Shaleia defended themselves on their website, asserting that they are a community founded on love and mutual respect. A part of their lengthy statement read:

“The allegations levied against Twin Flames Universe not only distort our true aims, methods, and curriculums but also misrepresent the autonomy of our community members, who are free to engage with our resources as they see fit. We are committed to confronting these allegations in an open and accountable manner.”

Many individuals featured in Escaping Twin Flames have already left the Twin Flames Universe.