David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’ is leaving US Netflix June 2021
Credit: Twin Peaks

Leaving Soon

David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks' is leaving US Netflix June 2021

The first two season of Twin Peaks will be leaving US Netflix by June 30.

The famed TV show from the mercurial mind of David Lynch, Twin Peaks debuted in 1990 and has been captivating audiences ever since. The show, centred on the murder of Laura Palmer and the pursuit of Agent Dale Cooper to find her killer, has long been considered a cult-classic and, ultimately, the pinnacle of TV show making.

Whether it be on traditional television, VHS or DVD, the show has continually gathered an army of fans as it effortlessly blended intrigue with intensity.

Even as the TV world modernised and Netflix bought up the rights to stream the show on its platform, back in 2011, the Lynchian series was still finding a brand new audience. Now, Netflix has decided that it will no longer be showing the series.

It’s true, Lynch’s nightmarish show Twin Peaks will be leaving Netflix at the end of June 2021, completing a decade on the platform.

The first two series have been a mainstay on the streaming platform for years but it has now been reported that they will soon depart. Those desperate to keep watching the series on streaming platforms after June 30 will have to head to Paramount+.