What we know so far about Benicio Del Toro’s Netflix film ‘Reptile’
(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


What we know so far about Benicio Del Toro’s Netflix film 'Reptile'

Known for having directed various music videos, Grant Singer is set to film his feature film debut Reptile that is slated to be released on Netflix. Starring Benicio Del Toro, the premise of the thriller looks pretty promising. 

The production company, Black Label Media Company, expressed thair thrill upon “collaborating with one of the most talented emerging filmmakers, Grant Singer on his original script alongside the brilliant Benicio Del Toro”. 

They further praised Singer’s “bold” storytelling and has promised Reptile to be a “sophisticated, visceral psychological thriller” that will be “truly haunting and suspenseful” enough to “resonate with the audience long after the film ends”. 

With very high hopes provided by the production company, let us take a look at everything we know about Netflix’s Reptile.  

Everything we know so far about Benicio Del Toro’s Netflix film Reptile

What is Netflix’s Reptile all about?

Not much has been revealed about this highly anticipated film. However, it is known that Benicio Del Toro is set to play Nichols, a hard-hearted New England detective.

Del Toro’s character is relentless and unwavering in his search for the truth behind a case assigned to him that shall also shatter various illusions and inhibitions that persisted in his own life.

Who are the cast members in Netflix’s Reptile?

As of now, nothing has been revealed except the character of Del Toro. Del Toro was last seen in films like The French Dispatch, Escape at Dannemora, No Sudden Move etc. 

Even with just the Puerto Rican star included in the cast, the anticipation raises more sharply than we’d expect.

Who is involved in the production of Netflix’s Reptile?

Grant Singer, well-known for having worked with the likes of industry big names such as Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Lorde, the Weekend and more, is helming the project, which also marks his feature film debut. 

Singer and Benjamin Brewers have co-written the film script, well-known for Beneath Contempt, the Trust, etc. 

With hits like Sicario and La La Land to its name, Black Label Media Company is responsible for the production of this thriller. Previously, they have worked with Netflix for Sierra Burgess is a Loser.  

What is the status of the production of Netflix’s Reptile?

The tentative date for the commencement of production for the film is September 13, 2021. The shooting schedule is scheduled to wrap up by November 15, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia. 

When will Reptile release on Netflix? 

Having considered the production dates, we believe that the film will most likely stream on Netflix by mid or by the end of 2022.