What is the ‘One Piece’ treasure?
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What is the 'One Piece' treasure?

The grand adventure of Netflix’s adaptation of One Piece sets off with Gol D. Roger, the fearsome Pirate King, beckoning people to find his legendary One Piece treasure as they gather to witness his public execution. It ushers in the great era of pirates, where aspiring buccaneers take to the great blue seas in search of treasure. 

The near-mythical One Piece treasure in Eiichiro Oda’s manga series is still elusive nearly 26 years after its debut. Roger’s revelation ignited a global treasure hunt, inspiring pirates from all corners of the world to seek out the One Piece, buried somewhere along the Grand Line, without even knowing what it is.

Fan theories speculating the true nature of the One Piece treasure have existed for as long as the manga has. But Oda has hinted multiple times that the treasure is not metaphorical or symbolic.

As much as Roger would’ve liked siccing an endless horde of pirates on the World Government, chasing a non-existing pile of gold, there are enough canonical indications to prove that the treasure is real.

What is the ‘One Piece’ treasure?

Our protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, are on the search for One Piece. And they aren’t even the only ones, as many have died at sea looking for it.

Oda has kept the true nature of the One Piece a closely guarded secret, and it is one of the central mysteries that keeps fans of the series intrigued. 

A section of the treasure is believed to have been in the possession of Joy Boy during the enigmatic Void Century. This iconic treasure is rumoured to be incalculable in worth, potentially changing how the world works. It is presumed to be situated on the ultimate island of the Grand Line, Raftel, aka Laugh Tale.

Who was Joy Boy in One Piece?

The full details of Joy Boy’s identity and actions during the Void Century remain undisclosed by Oda, making him a central enigma in the series. However, Joy Boy is not a name but a title in One Piece’s world

Oda often draws inspiration from real-life sources for One Piece. Joy Boy’s character may have roots in Caribbean folklore, specifically from the Encyclopedia of Things That Never Were by Michael Page and Robert Ingpen. This figure was associated with uplifting humanity through dance, music, and celebration, paralleling Luffy’s transformative powers.

Joy Boy’s legacy is preserved through a Poneglyph, later deciphered by Nico Robin in the Fish-Man Island arc. In this message, Joy Boy expresses regret for failing to fulfil a promise to the Mermaid Princess but holds hope for its eventual fulfilment. Joy Boy’s fate is connected to Luffy in some way.

The One Piece is often associated with Roger. But according to the manga, it was the first Joy Boy who left this treasure on an unknown island, later dubbed Laughtale by Roger, and it is supposed to hold everything the world has to offer.