‘Wednesday’: The questions we want answered in season 2
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'Wednesday': The questions we want answered in season 2

Tim Burton has hit the jackpot. Again. His series adaptation of The Addams Family, titled Wednesday, focuses on the escapades of the morbid and macabre Wednesday Addams as she navigates high school, monsters, enemies and parental blues.

Starring Jenna Ortega as the iconic Wednesday Addams, the series has amassed a massive fan following on Netflix, with the third highest viewership numbers upon debut, closely following Stranger Things and Monster: A Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

The rest of the cast includes the iconic Christina Ricci (the 90’s Wednesday), Gwendoline Christie, Luis Guzman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Emma Myers, Hunter Doohan, Joy Sunday, Percy Hynes White and others.

While Netflix has not yet confirmed an official season two, given its popularity, the show will likely be renewed. And the audience is probably hungry for answers to the crazy cliffhanger in the end.

Ahead of its renewal, here are the questions we want to be answered in Wednesday season two:

‘Wednesday’: The questions we want answered in season 2

Who is stalking Wednesday in Wednesday?

Wednesday manages to save the day by discovering the actual monster with her gang of outcasts at Nevermore Academy. The first season ends with an epic cliffhanger which will set the tone for a possible second season. Towards the end, Wednesday is seen receiving an ominous text message from a stalker on the new phone that her ultimate fanboy and potential love interest, Xavier gifts her.

Season two could potentially explore this new storyline and uncover the identity of the person stalking Wednesday. Could it be Tyler again? Or is it someone that Wednesday trusts? Or perhaps someone entirely new? Or someone from Wednesday’s elusive past about which the series does not delve much into?

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Why is Wednesday at loggerheads with Morticia Addams in Wednesday?

Wednesday Addams is dealing with teenage blues in the series while facing a dangerous monster. Throughout the series, however, her disdain for her mother, Morticia, is very palpable. From rejecting the latter’s affectionate words to constantly being suspicious of the elder, Wednesday is seemingly at loggerheads with her mother.

Being sent to Nevermore Academy, Wednesday is overshadowed by her mother’s extraordinary achievements in her school years. While that is definitely a catalyst, we are intrigued to know what Morticia must have said or done that sat wrong with Wednesday. Is it simply her teen hormones kicking in? Or is there something more to it?

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What happens to Tyler in Wednesday?

The sweet, neighbourhood normie barista, Tyler Galpin, is revealed to be the grotesque Hyde monster who is killing people throughout the season. While Wednesday and Tyler spend share some sweet moments on the show, in the end, she manages to out him and help lock him up. It is, however, revealed that he turns into a Hyde monster while strapped inside the truck that takes him away.

Whether Tyler will wreak havoc in season two or come to terms with his outcast identity, beg for forgiveness and embark on redemption is worth waiting for. Or will he turn out to be Wednesday’s new stalker or their accomplice and make life for our morbid queen more difficult?

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What happens to Xavier in Wednesday?

Xavier Thorpe, the wrongfully accused, makes up with Wednesday towards the end of the season. While he is admittedly a fanboy and smitten by the macabre teen, the show leaves a lot of open threads waiting to be explored. Xavier has pretty graphic and intense visions of the Hyde, which he replicates on paper.

Will his ability to draw things and make them come to life become an obstacle in the next season? Will the showrunners introduce his famous seer father? What if the older Thorpe is one of Wednesday’s stalkers and has major beef with the Addams family and wants to seek revenge? Where does Xavier fit into the equation? Either way, we would love to see more of Nevermore’s resident artist loner.

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What happens to Bianca in Wednesday?

Bianca is initially considered the Regina George of Nevermore Academy and Wednesday’s number-one rival. However, towards the end, Bianca turns out to be a hero who helps Wednesday in the final battle. However, Bianca is revealed to have a tempestuous relationship with her mother and stepfather- her mother reveals that Bianca used her powers as a siren to manipulate her way into Nevermore and threatens to reveal her secret if her daughter does not return to their cult, named Morning Song.

From their heated conversation, it is evident that Bianca does not like her mother or her new husband, Gideon, and is extremely suspicious of them. Her storyline remains ambiguous in season one and would be an interesting point of exploration in season two.

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Who will head Nevermore Academy in Wednesday season two?

One of the most shocking moments in the series comes in the final episode when Principal Weems is poisoned by Miss Thornhill. Weems always had a pretty unsettling presence but, in the end, turns out to be Wednesday’s ally. After Weems’ death, Nevermore is in a state of disarray and in desperate need of a new formidable leader. Who will it be?

Might it be Morticia Addams? Or a normie from the town of Jericho to mend the strained relationship between the two worlds? Will they have ulterior motives? Or will Bianca’s mother use her siren song to manipulate the ones in charge to let her take over the Academy and pose difficult challenges for her daughter and her friends?

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Will Wednesday and Enid turn out to be a couple?

Wednesday and Enid are as different as night and day. Literally. Their friendship also evolves over the episodes of the show, which is pretty endearing to witness. From Wednesday being extremely rude to Enid moving out and the duo finally sharing a hug after the battle, it comes to a full circle.

Viewers have noticed homoerotic tension between the duo and think they might make a great couple. Although Netflix has been actively removing tweets that suggest a budding queer relationship, even Jenna Ortega thinks they would look cute. A queer Wednesday in season two with Enid by her side? Sign us up!

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