‘Wednesday’ season two breaks unique record with filming
(Credit: Netflix)

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'Wednesday' season two breaks unique record with filming

While filming, the second season of the Netflix hit Wednesday is already breaking records. Thanks to a filming change that sees the series move from Romania to Ireland, Wednesday is now officially the largest production to ever film in Ireland.

Production on the new batch of Wednesday episodes is well and truly underway as Jenna Ortega has been confirmed as returning to her role as the titular character despite her shock departure from another Netflix project. Alongside Ortega, the majority of the original cast will also be returning for the new series. 

The only person missing from the season two cast list is Percy Hynes White, who played Xavier Thorpe. He has recently addressed not being in the new series as he took to Instagram to share a photo of the main cast members, saying, “I had so much fun working on this show. I can’t wait to watch season 2.” 

One of the other major differences is the filming location of the series. Season one was filmed in Romania; however, there were rumours that the new episodes were going to be done in Ireland. This has since been confirmed (via Screen Ireland) who have confirmed that the series is being filmed in County Wicklow. The series relocation means that Wednesday season two is officially the largest production to ever film in Ireland, yet another record for the hit show.

While there is no definitive reason behind the change, it is expected that the location has shifted because of logistical changes. 

As a means of commemorating the filming record being broken, Ireland’s prime minister, Taoiseach Simon Harris, paid a visit to the set, where he met the show’s creators, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. He also rubbed shoulders with the series director Tim Burton.  

The Prime Minister said, “I’m delighted to see Ireland continues to be chosen as a location to film series and movies which supports our economy, creates jobs, showcases our creative talents and promotes our country on a global stage.” 

Anna Mallett, the BP Production EMEA, described Wednesday as a “cultural juggernaut.” She said, “In recent years we have invested substantially in productions made in Ireland, such as The Siege of JadotvilleThe Wonder, Bodkin and Vikings: Valhalla.” 

Details surrounding the release of Wednesday season two will follow.