‘Wednesday’ has broken its own record for weekly viewing hours
(Credit: Netflix)

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'Wednesday' has broken its own record for weekly viewing hours

Netflix’s Wednesday has broken multiple viewing records since its release on November 23rd. Not only has the show beat Stranger Things‘ record of hours watched in its first week, racking up 341.2 million hours worldwide compared to the sci-fi drama’s 335 million hours, but Wednesday is also set to possibly become the most-watched English-language show on the streaming service. 

The show, helmed by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar and featuring several Tim Burton-directed episodes, follows the beloved titular character from The Addams Family, played by Jenna Ortega.

Now a teenager, Wednesday joins Nevermore Academy, a school for outcasts, where she struggles to connect to other pupils due to her emotionally vacant personality. However, the discovery of her psychic powers comes in handy in solving a local murder. 

Following its successful first week, Wednesday has beaten its own record by logging over 411.29 million hours in its second week (Nov 28 – Dec 4), according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show has become the first English-language show to log over 400 million hours in one week, only overshadowed by the South Korean survival drama Squid Game, which racked up 571.76 million hours in a week. 

Since its premiere, it is estimated that nearly 115 million households have watched Wednesday.

With over 752.52 million hours watched thus far, the show is the third most popular English-language show on Netflix behind Stranger Things 4 and DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.