‘Wednesday’ creators discuss how the central character has changed
(Credit: Matthias Clamer/Netflix © 2022)


'Wednesday' creators discuss how the central character has changed

Netflix’s new spinoff series, Wednesdayfrom the universe of The Addams Family, is due to hit the streaming service later this year, offering up something new for the emotionally detached character. 

Knowing that they couldn’t set the series around a sulking central character, the new show’s creators, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar have both opened up about their approach to the upcoming series. In conversation with Empire magazine, the duo explained that they had to change the character of the original show in order to make her more palatable and likeable to audiences. 

“Wednesday Addams is such an iconic character,” Gough stated, adding: “We thought, ‘What if you made her 16 years old and took her out of the family and put her in boarding school, so she has to make a new kind of family?’ We wanted to put her in a setting that still feels like you’re in the world of The Addams Family, but completely different”.

Picking up from Gough’s words, Millar adds: “The one thing that terrifies Wednesday Addams is emotion…What fascinated us as writers was exploring a character who starts out unable to have human connection and over the course of the first season moves that dial one notch. She sees the world in black and white. Maybe by the end of the first season she sees a touch of grey”.

Played by Jenna Ortega of Scream and You, Wednesday Addams is the central character of a series that will surely star several other stars of the original Addams Family show.

Due to be released on Netflix on November 23rd; take a look at the trailer for the new series below.